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  1. hmmm how strange, 20.2 lag was just as bad as prior patches, but today after this patch solid 75fps?
  2. as of patch 20.2.1 I would like to confirm that my lag issue with the ME has been resolved. Go try it everyone! Specs ryzen 3600, vega 56, 16gb 3200 ram had issues since beta with match engine and in the menus, buttery smooth now and runs capped at my monitors refresh of 75! I don't know if its coincidental or SI fixed it as part of the patch but hurray!
  3. yes apart from the nvidia settings as im on a Vega 56. I have also turned everything down to low or off for the ME and still the same
  4. Stutteryness still persists for me, outside match engine 30-75 fps fluctuating. Inside match engine 75 but drops to 57 or mid 30s all the time and stutters massively . ryzen 3600, 16gb 3200mhz and a vega 56
  5. Do we have any communication on an update reg this? I cant play FM20 with frame rates varying from 10-75, and its quite frustrating tbh
  6. I have this issue now to, but only using one monitor. I have a Alienware laptop, i5 4210H, 970m, 16gb ram No matter what I do, reinstall drivers, fresh windows etc. My game doesn't load with the nvidia card but puts the load on the integrated chip and lags.
  7. Afraid I have this issue too. Frame rate is constant 60 on any graphical setting but halfway through a highlight it drops to 15 and stutters then finishes the highlight back on 60. Happens on my Alienware laptop with i5, 16gb and 970m (and when using the amplifier with a 1070 in) also happens on my desktop with i7 8700k, 1080ti 32gb ram game is installed on a nvme drive on both machines. Temps are in control on both machines. Usuage of the cpu not gpu spikes when it stutters and hits 99%? Hope this helps. I understand it’s a beta
  8. Did si answer the license question? Everton and watford with badges and player images??
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