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  1. Player attribute colours are horrible and hard to distinguish. Anyway of changing on iPad??
  2. Seasons 2 onwards transfer deadline day is always 16th August. Only play with English leagues active
  3. Decembers manager of month is showing 1. It’s start of november 2. Fylde are not in same league Theyr a league above
  4. Having some decent success with the attached tactic (enhanced match engine). just thought I'd share, only tested below prem but has over-achieved at each club managed. to defend a lead (winning by two goals at HT, or leading by a single goal with 20 mins left) I switch to defensive mentality and drag the middle striker and place him between the two DC's and change his role to limited defender. This works pretty well.
  5. Can we download and use FMF tactic files or is it still TAC files?
  6. How does the processing speed compare to last year. One thing that irratated me was the wait just before each game where the game auto saves and the goes through the processing motions. Is this still there?
  7. Click on the link and download the tactic on post 234, I recreated as a TAC file for IPad users. .http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/422844-Apex-Predator-V2-Tuned-for-15.3?p=10287510&viewfull=1#post10287510
  8. I bought FM2015 Classic for iPad the day it came out and straight away I realised that tactically its way beyond the Handheld series which I'd been used to. I spent a week trying to re-create tactics that have served me well in the past but miserably failed to find something that would string two wins together. I then took to the forums and all these claimed super tactics that are designed for Barcelona and Real Madrid that won 20 consecutive title didn't seem to work with my Barnsley team. I also came to the conclusion that these tactics are being utilised on the full fat game and there are many factors which could affect it wen ported into Classic the main being opposition instructions. So after two weeks of downloading tactics, manually converting them into TAC files I have finally found a tactic that works on FM15 Classic on the iPad and it's your Nemisis tactic. In my first season I stormed league one with Barnsley finishing the season on 99 points losing only 5 league games which was exceptional considering long term injuries to key players throughout the season. The best signings was Kuhl on loan from Reading and Rene Howe who I played on the left side of the front two, him and Sam Winnall were formidable. Other than that I loaned a few average cover players. Below is a link to the TAC file and I would recommend adding to your OP for people who were In my position two weeks ago. This tactic as made the game playable for me. Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jt9svfqxwc2i5g/Nemisis.tac?oref=e&n=198989190 I also have a couple of questions. What training do you find works best? I have been alternating between attack/defence training on highest intensity. Also do you have any advise on how to deal with players who's condition drops quick throughout games. At minute I'm just toddling with individual training and set to stamina, I just wondered if there was a better way.
  9. This is what I do..not ideal but it works. Download fm15 pc demo Install it Download a tactic Upload it to game input the tactic myself from pc screen
  10. Try this http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/424948-If-your-at-a-loose-end-with-tactics-try-this?
  11. Can you download tactic files to your PC then transfer them to ipad? Or is there a quick way of sharing tactics?
  12. Another year gone by and i expected to plug and play my previous solid favirote tactics, 4-1-3-2 and 4-3-3 variations and storm the league with Barnsley. I was wrong. Three previous tactics i use that ruined the game after a while no longer work, not even half work, 4 careers started with Barnsley and sacked before Christmas each time. This is not a negative..this is a BIG positive because expecting a win all the time gets boring when working your way up the football ladder (not so much in the Premier League), Anyway's after trial error, sackings and not speaking to the wife and kids for 36 hours i have finally discovered something that works and im top of the league at Christmas. The tactic of 2015 so far seems to be 4-4-2 attacking set-up built around your team, attacking, short passing and a typical target man and poacher, its working wonders and the strikers are on fire. Im winning and it feels right, rather than tonking every team 4,5,6 nil. Thank you SI for making the game playable again.. :-)
  13. Try the one I posted in post 13 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/390708-Can-anyone-offer-me-a-solid-tactic-(Vita)?p=9603899&viewfull=1#post9603899 Got barnsley to premiership via playoffs in first season (finished on 86 points) only signings were gardener from villa and a defender from forest on loan. Ps this was on vita but screenshots are from PC version.
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