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  1. No my scouts come back with all sorts.Unable to afford player,unwilling to join on loan,unwilling to join permanently
  2. How do I filter the resulting list to exclude unrealistic loans??
  3. Can anyone tell me how I can scout all the premier league teams u21 sides to see if any players would be available for loan (and want to come to my club)? Can't seem to find a way of doing it.Previous FM games have had the 'loan report' option on the clubs page.
  4. I dont even get that much and I'm the manager!
  5. Sorry I should gave said i've got Lemona promoted to Liga Adelante.But have very little money to spend.So can't afford big money assistants.
  6. I'm after a new Assistant manager,does anyone know what to look for eg high Man Management points? Also in regards to training should I hire coaching staff that have one or two high skills so that they can focus on this attributes,let's say on defending.Or should I hire staff with average skills across the board? So they can coach all areas of training?
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