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  1. already did it twice, so doesnt seem to work, will try again
  2. [sNIP TASTELESS COMMENT] i play a 4-4-2, based on my local teams real life tactic. So your assumption about semi realistic tactics and fewer chances doesnt exist in my world. This is perhaps the most realistic tactic i´ve used in several fms and its creating more chances. go figure huh... Oh yeah and my setup: gk- defend dl and dr both fulbacks support dc bot defend wm on both wings and nstructed to dribble more, cross less and cut inside and attack duty a def mid and a box to box a false 9 and a poacher. press more, close donw more and play wider. menality standard or counter. ca
  3. its way too easy. Ai controlled teams, year by year have a smaller and smaller u-19 team and the same goes for reserves. 10 years in, almost every team has no u19 players. These u-19 players also play for the reserves generally. The reserves are also slimmed down, but as they have u-19 players and fringe 1 teamers, that isnt as obvious, but the numbers are once again down From roughly 15-20 u-19 players and 10 years in 1,2 or 3 u-19 Also the first teams- almost all across the board, have 3-5 young players in it, and while that is okay, it seems a bit over the top, that players at the age
  4. fx in my native country of denmark, at the beginning of the game, every team in the superleague has a full u-19 roster. A very nive b-team squad size and of course the main squad. Slowlyas the game goes by, the u.19 squads slims down. At the beginning theres roughly 20, after 10 years ther are 1 or 2!! Awful programming really. The reserves, well tyhey look an awful lot like the u-19, oh theres a reason for that. The reserves are trimmed down, so the1 or 2 u-19 also features in the reservbes. The reserves have also slimmed down, i´d guess that the teams i saw had 30-70 drop in reserve team p
  5. completely agree. Long term career games are basically useless, as the competetion becomes worse and worse. i wish they would hardcode something into the ai, something that would give them balanced squads. The AI is stupid, so coding some common sense into it, would be my preferred choice.
  6. i actually experienced the exavt opposite. I played as Aab, my danish local team and after 6-8 seasones, i more or less only had players from my youth setup. Iirc after 6 seasons, i had about 3-4 players through transfer, season 7 1 or 2 and in the 8 season it was only youth setup players. From the start, they already have a lot of local players, but I always play like this, Doesnt matter which team i play like. Makes it a bit harder and i get a challenge out of it. They werent world beaters, but i trained a few in new positions and got a great fit for the roles in my tactic. Perhaps my tact
  7. Set pieces should include more, then it currently does imo, so i´d be very happy if i had the opportunity, to set up something that suits me. If someone wants to play the game in such manner, exploit the game and later whine about, what does this have to do with us, who thinks that correlation seems illogical? If you want to cheat, edit and set up your set pieces to score 100% of the time, why should my choices be dumbed down, as a result of that? Seems far more rational, to let each individual decide how to play their game, and let them chose to play in way they see fit. Hopefully with m
  8. while youre adressing and answering, do you mind telling why , that getting regens right is so difficult, Alex?
  9. completely agree with the op. The reputation based system is far from ideal. fx if a player has 15 for all the key attributes, but a lower reputation, then he wont be picked ahead of a player with 10 in said attibutes, but with a higher reputation. Ai squadbuilding, transfers and such are linked to this ***** and thats why the ai is acting like an idiot, i assume.
  10. So i´ve holidayed 10 seasons and i altered around 100 clubs - allover the world and in various leagues - in regards to facilities. All of them got 20 in everything. I chose the biggest clubs, althought they already have high stats, i´d just make them perfect. I also added some wild cards. Fx giving a team in the 2best leagues the same facilities, to see if theyd use em to their advantage. I did it to see whether or not the regen quality would increase, but i havent digged deeper into just yet. This will be the next step, but it wil take a little while. BUT, so far: albeit a really slim examp
  11. nobody is saying new features arent welcome, but simply stating that the game is so big and has reached a level, where the core should recieve some extra attention. The Ai and the well known stuff which relates to that, has been an issue for several years. I dont know how si are set up, and frankly its none of my business really. They can run their shop however they may please, im simply voicing my opinion. I can not speak about their procedures, asi have no knowledge, i can only speak about their product. A product which have grown in size, but maintained the same issues. Year after year, sq
  12. after roughly 10 seasons: way too easy. The ai seems ******** or i might have stumbled upon a magical 4-4-2. This reputation system is ruining the game. I think the Ai is stupid because it judges many of its decisions , based on reputation. Probably why the ai cant build a squad and buys several players and dont use them. In relation to squadbuilding and maintaining the same quality of competetion, well its just - in the long run - non existent and sadly has been so for years. When the "original cast members" are close to gone, the quality of competetion drops. Especially if you are playing
  13. thanks for replying moe.ny and have a nice evening.
  14. hopefully we´ll see a patch, straight after the transfer window. I´m playing in the danish league and the league really loses its competiveness after a few seasons, whereas my mate, who plays his game in the premier league, tells me, that its both challenging and the ai teams produce competetive squads. I dont know if this is a generel trend throughout the midtier leagues, but if it is, it is definetly i need of balancing. i wouldnt mind if a patch made the game quite a bit harder. OFF TOPIC: If i edit my rivals training facilities before i start a new game, would facilities be the that way
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