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  1. Let me give you an update, for anyone wondering the same thing I was. In the end, I was lucky enough nobody was interested in my star player as he was nearing his contract. The full month where he could potentially sign on free transfer for any other club came and went, without any suitors. The day his contract expired, I wiped off my sweat and went to offer him the same, old maxed-out offer. He must have been dejected, because now his demands were more than reasonable, (1,900/w as opposed to 2,500/w), and there was no signing-on fee anymore! I was delighted, and proceeded to inadvertently blow my entire transfer budget on unforeseen "compensation fees" for other signings. Now I cannot sign a replacement for the coach I fired! I still have so much to learn...
  2. I see, thank you. There's no way to increase the maximum allowed wage and signing-on fee, then? Adjusting the budget didn't change the maximum values, even if there's more money available as a whole. Would asking the board for an increased wage and/or budget raise these values (if they approved)? If not, my risky, but only move is to attempt to "c'mon" him into signing the same contract I've been pushing since the start of the season.
  3. Hi, I've got a game going with York, where I've tried to extend the contract of my star player all season. Amazingly, the request of this immense talent is exactly the max salary I am allowed to offer by the board. The only problem in negotiation is the signing-on fee: I'm allowed £20k, the player doesn't budge on his £80k demand. I've sold off some other talent and have some room for budget adjustments, but it doesn't seem to make any difference in contract negotiations. The max amounts remain fixed. Is there any way of increasing the amount allowed?
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