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  1. The one thing I don't get is why Windows will get the Touch / Xbox edition - but not Mac OS - can only assume Microsoft are paying for exclusivity or something? Or is it that much more expensive to build it on Mac OS than Windows?
  2. Thanks for your response - I still think that'll be a bit time consuming not sure I want the 'in game' management aspect but if FMM ends up getting instant result I'll look into it then - but maybe I can get the full fat one and use a skin to instant result or something
  3. Will this get 'instant result' ? (or does it already have it?) - That was what I liked most about FM Touch - building a team, setting it up and then instant result (with a gameplan) Thanks
  4. Would also second the instant result request - it's by far the thing I use most in FM Touch / Classic - if they brought that to 'full fat' and maybe gave a pre-set for responsibilities that would make it more like FM Touch (the latter wouldn't take much work) - then I'd be fine with it But the instant result is huge to me
  5. So I’d have to get game pass ultimate and then stream fm Xbox edition through the browser is it? That may end up being the only option :/
  6. is it possible to buy the PC 'Xbox Edition' - on Mac OS? I'd like to play FM22 in streamlined (Touch / Classic) fashion on the Mac but the only game I saw mentioned in the blog for Mac was the full one? yet later on in the blog post about killing off touch it said that a streamlined version will still be playable on all platforms? so which is the streamlined option for me on Mac?
  7. Hi, I noticed on the blog post about killing off FM Touch on most platforms that it said that a streamlined version will still be playable on all platforms (giving the example of xbox cloud gaming on tablets etc) I'm just wondering what the Mac OS streamlined options are, I couldn't see any on the 'matrix' at the bottom of the blog post and I exclusively play 'touch' for the 'instant result' feature and the minimal bloat of team talks/friendship groups etc - can someone inform me which version I will need to get or from what store etc for a streamlined FM22 experience on my Mac? Thanks
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