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  1. But if it is required, how is the game still allowing me to use my old stadium for the two years that a new one is built , unless there is another news item to come? Portman Road is rented, but the club have permission to install undersoil heating from the local council but they haven't done so in real life because of the fact they are not promoted. Perhaps the game just has a blanket rule of rented = no installation?
  2. Undersoil heating is an issue yes - but normally I've seen them simply install this in past versions - does this not happen in FM2018? It only costs a high six figure to low seven figure sum to install and I've had no news items saying that we have to ground share as Portman Road is not meeting requirements.
  3. I've just got promoted from The Championship to the Premiership with Ipswich and at the end of the season I was notified that we are moving to a 27k seater Bobby Robson Stadium to replace our existing 30k Portman Road. The board have took a £50m loan and took £25m out of the coffers to finance this which is a complete waste of money and means I have very little budget for my first season in the Premier League to strengthen the squad. I know we're paying 100k a year rent - but at this rate it will take several hundred years before we make any savings and that is before you take into account the interest on the loan and the lost revenue from having less seats. Since I filled in the box to not allow game edits, effectively my game is destroyed.
  4. The attacking mentality is not the cause, it's actually a good counter to it, the problem is that it happens with defensive teams all of the time even on standard mentality, the reason I use attacking mentality, is that it normally means we will score the first goal by overpowering them, the opposition then have to play more attacking and therefore the situation I describe never occurs. I only see the problem with lack of engagement by the centre backs against teams that park the bus, play for a draw from the off and don't try and win game and just want to play contain from the moment the game starts. This happens regardless of mentality that I select, they'll play this way for the full 90 minutes unless I score, where they have to actually try and score, which results in my defenders engaging the strikers again. As stupid as it sounds, attacking from the off works pretty well against this problem, because once the opposition go a goal behind, my defenders suddenly start engaging them which is very weird. The lack of engagement by my defenders almost seems totally linked to the midnset of the opposition, at times it feels like the AI of my defenders is influenced by the mentality of the opposition that has been set, rather than what actually happens on the field of play. Will post tactis when home this evening if I get chance.
  5. Slightly off topic, but has anyone else seen any weird stuff with penalties and idiotic defensive behavior? I've just been awarded three in 4 minutes in a game, carbon copies all three, same player too, wasn't booked for any of them, hacked a play down in the corner of the box. I find it quite hard to believe that it could happen,.
  6. I am doing very little tinkering during matches to be fair, I'm just going on attacking mentality from the offset against the smaller teams and reining it back once we get a goal. When I refer to CWB vs FB I refer to playing the same game twice, once with each set-up just for kicks to see if it effected things somewhat. I have closing down on "More" in team instructions and 99/100 it works if there are a couple of strikers or forwards running at the defence, the CB's do a great job and give them no space at all, but the strange thing is if there is one striker, with nobody around them, there is no effort to close him down. I played the Bournemouth match three times and on the third time I put closing down on much more, use tighter marking and get stuck in on and yet that one striker was still able to get far too much time on the ball in the centre of the half with a midfielder behind him, and two central defenders in front of him who would neither mark, tackle or close him down in possession and instead keep retreating deeper and deeper, which is very strange because we don't play deep by set-up!
  7. The only difference I see between the big teams and the top teams is that my defenders appear very reluctant to tackle a sole striker in a 4-5-1, I mean seriously, how can you explain that a solo striker, the only player in the same half of my defence can almost walk through the middle of defence, unchallenged, that counts for about 6/7 out of 10 goals that lower teams score against us. The strange thing is if there is the players and strikers in exactly the same position with a man close to him, the defenders are very good at closing down both of them, and the attack is snuffed out. But one man and the defenders just stand off, which goes against everything I tell them to do in their instructions. I find with the lesser teams if I score against them first I roll them over since my defence 9/10 will get a clean sheet and end up winning by a decent margin. However if they score or come for a draw my defenders act like they have been told to stand off, not tackle and just not break-up play and neglect their duties, what's especially infuriating is the striker doesn't even need to do anything special, which results in more goals. I don't think any defender in real life would see a striker on his own with no support half way inside the oppositions half and just jog backwards or back away from him, it's basically telling the striker "Have a shot, I'm not going to stop you." they'd go out there and try and win the ball off him, it's not particuarly dangerous because there's another centre half back there even if he doesn't win the ball. Now the way I've been countering it lately is by literally going hell for leather in the first 10 minutes and making sure we get the first goal against the lesser teams and normally it's quite easy to put them to the sword but it's not really a proper answer. Whether I play with proper full backs or wing backs I have however noticed that the former makes no difference at all other than reducing our attacking threat. I played some games with both set-ups, the threat is really not coming from those areas much these days, it's more the CB's who just are making illogical decisions when faced with a striker, who has absloutely zero support, yet they pretty much invite him to have a shot and try his luck. My issues with crosses are pretty much what Barside has posted.
  8. herne79 - In theory what you say is right and in a real game of football I would agree with you. It doesn't explain however, if the system is so flawed why it works against any team other than teams who play defensively? I have played Arsenal, Man Utd, Tottenham, Liverpool and Man City twice this season. I conceded just 4 goals. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but that is just the way it is. I played Barcelona in the Euro Cup and they needed penalties to put me out, having only scored from a corner and a free kick over 180 minutes. You are claiming that there is no defensive cover and that the full bakcs are exploited but in a game full of attacking players who are the best players in the world, none of them can actually create anything or get through the defense? Surely if we were defensively so poor Messi, Neymar and Suarez should murder us. They don't however and surely they should be doing exactly that and it shoudl be a cricket score? So if the system doesn't make sense, which I agree it doesn't, how come teams with far better players than us can't exploit it whilst teams who have crap players can? Bear in mind my LB and RB have the highest average ratings out of the whole team and are both in the top 10 in Premier League average ratings. It suggests that for some reason the AI is stupid on the big teams and somehow more educated on the lesser teams, despite the fact their managers have vastly better stats? As I stated before where I posed the example done up on MS Paint, my defenders behave differently in exactly the same situations that present themselves in the course of a match when they are faced with one player running at them vs three. If there are three players they defend against them, if there is one they back off. This is players running through the middle too. They literally run between two centre backs in the middle of the pitch. It still doesn't explain why two centre backs see one player in front of them and they make no effort to tackle him, but if they see two or more they do. I'd have thought two centre backs bursting out of defence to take on three opposition players is far more risky than one of the two center backs trying to take one one striker who had no team-mate close to him?
  9. This is what I currently play I've played Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham and Liverpool and never lost to any of them, despite the fact they have far better players, I normally beat them. We dominate possession, the players get good match ratings and create many clear cut chances, the defenders are solid and generally there is nothing to complain about.
  10. Actually that tactic was not my original tactic, that tactic was used to stop some other issues, I only used it for a very short while. I adjusted that tactic based on feedback given and also resolved the particular issues that were going on there. Now I'm playing an adopted version of that with all the issues apart from the issue with my defenders appearing to behave differently against defensive teams than against attacking teams. I finished 6th in the Premier League the following season and the third season is a little more difficult, since I'm coming up with issues with teams that play contain which seems to make my defenders totally ignore any instructions I gave to them and stand off. Whilst there are far too many goals from crosses still, that is no longer my main issue, my main issue is the fact that teams which have a contain mentality mean that my defenders suddenly ignore everything they knew beforehand.. I played that game against Bournemouth 5 times with exactly the same tactic and lineup and the same pattern followed. I scored first = we defended very well and they tried to attack us no matter what they threw at us, defenders closed down and tackled and broke up attacks. They scored first - they sat back and the defenders backed off anyone running at them, didn't tackle and had no interest in breaking p attacks. It makes zero sense if I can play Barca in the Europa League (not sure why they didn't quality for Champions League) with three players running at my back four who are in position, and we can cope with that, but we can't cope with one player who has a wall of four in front of him.
  11. From my point of view there are nowhere near enough attempts to block a cross, I am now thinking about how many times I've really saw a full-back try and stop a player from crossing or try and block it and honestly it's pretty rare, I played FM 2015 for a while yesterday and honestly the number of crosses that ended up in the box was far less. For me the defenders just appear to generally not be bothered about letting crosses go in, in FM 2015 I noticed players were noticeably tighter on the wingers and you saw far less sweeping balls across the box that someone is just able to get on the end of like there, lot more players cutting it out by standing in front of the striker, heading it clear or clearing it, whereas in 2016 you often see balls going past a defender and onto a striker, when you'd expect a defender to throw themselves in front of it. I've also felt goalkeepers could come for more crosses as well.
  12. It's a very crude example I'm posting, but the first example the man in red is able to get past all four defenders with ease, they just back off back off and back off. However the second one is how my defenders behave should there be a striker and two wingers,. This happens time and time again, the more defensive the opposition play, the less likely my own team are to do anything about the attacks they do have. There is no change in tactics for either of these scenarios, in the first example they ignore totally what I tell them, in the second example they follow and as you would expect, mark the men up and attempt to disposes the striker. "Which team? yours or theirs?" The opposition. The opposition tactics directly affect how my defenders play. I can play Barcelona who will play an attacking 4-3-3 and my defenders do what they are told. I play Bournemouth who play contain 4-5-1 and the later is much more effective since my defenders actively try and stop the three men of Barcelona but continually back off the one man from Bournemouth. It appears almost like the back 4 say, hey, it's 4 against 1, no danger here lads, lets just let him run towards goal, they're playing contain anyway and 4-5-1 so there is no danger here. "Because you go chasing after them, breaking your defensive shape and leaving space which they can exploit." If you're not going to read my posts, I'm not going to bother answering you. Nobody is doing any chasing, it can be as simple as a goal kick that leads to a knock down by one of the oppositions midfielders, who passes to the single striker, the single striker is now between my midfield and back four, the striker always wins if the opposition are playing contain. My defenders do not close him down, they are perfectly lined up in a back four at the time and simply just back off or do not attempt to either go to the man on the ball or try and win the ball off him. Do you really think that one man in a team that is playing 4-5-1 contain should be able to get past 4 defenders with ease since none of them make any effort to stop him, despite being well positioned to do so, the centre backs shrug their shoulders and basically say that it's not their problem and are only too happy to let him run past them without making an effort to stop them? The most strange thing is that should said striker and defenders be in exactly the same place, but the striker have options for a pass since they are playing a 4-3-3, suddenly the defenders are interested in the player on the ball and close him down and attempt to tackle him whilst the full backs tightly mark the two wingers as you would expect. There is something very wrong with decision making in that regard.
  13. The thing about FM11 as well as the goal kick issue and the famous corner exploit was there were some formations that seem to work no matter how good the players were, I didn't see the AI play them very often, but I was playing in Spain once where they played a particular kind of diamond every week and they hammered virtually everyone, it got pretty tiring. I've watched quite a few AI vs AI games in the last week as well and I think the way goals are scored in FM is un-natural, I've seen too many of those cross shots we earlier discussed and too many from bad defensive AI, the fact that the match ratings given to players don't penalise the players for what is clearly bad decisions makes me think that the ME doesn't see the clear problems there are. There are far too many goals from crosses as well, it's certainly not just a user tactic issue as ell because it happens at AI vs AI matches as well, generally a large number of the goals come from either crosses, bad defensive AI, silly mistakes or cross shots, there appears to be a lot less variety of goals in this game and the feeling that I've seen that kind of goal many times before and it just gets boring after a while.
  14. So tell me smartypants, why do my defenders ignore strikers when teams play a defensive and contain tactic? Why do they care about a front three of Messi, Neymar and Suarez who try and actually take them on, but not care about a ***** striker who walks on the ball? Several people in this thread including a mod have stated that there is a problem with the way defenders behave when the opposition go to a contain mentality, are you calling them liars? It's got nothing to do with tactics and everything to do with the match engine, because as I said before, if it was due to tactics big teams would slaughter me with the better quality coaching staff, higher attributed managers and vastly better players, but they don't at all, in fact it's the small teams who play defensive seem to cause my defenders the most problems. Considering I've been playing FM every year since CM 01/02 and this is the first year I've genuinely been annoyed with the match engine. to the point where it really ruins my enjoyment of the game because I'm actually scared of playing 10 men or teams who play defensively since I know that they'll spent the whole 90 with 10 men behind the ball and their striker can walk through and score with the defenders who continually back off and not put a tackle in. Whereas exactly the same move from a team who are losing or playing an attacking formation results in my defenders actually defending. I've seen it today as well. We were 1-0 up in a game and they were going hell for leather and my defenders closed down the opposition vast, tackled and didn't back away from making sure they did not get through and attempted to cut out the danger, I saw this happen twice in 70 minutes. They score a 35 yarder, and get in my half TWICE in the remaining 20 minutes, in almost similar fashion to what happened earlier in the game, and the difference in behaviour from my defenders is riidicolous, they back off, back off, back off, run away run away, run away, and look scared of the ball, the striker STOPS whilst the defenders stand there and watch, then he suddenly speeds up and scores. It's ridiculous, the fact the opposition have gone into contain mode almost renders all of my instructions useless. I don't use FM Scout, FMRTE or play as the top teams or use wonderkid lists of sugar daddies, I play as Ipswich and I've found the majority of people who moan about others complaining are those who took an easy job with elite players or loads of money where it's far easier.
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