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  1. Could be an issue if down the line the champions league was to be included. The top 2 of the overall table get a place in the champions league and the play off winners a continental cup slot. I suppose maybe like in FM where you can see third placed teams for qualifying for say a European championships there could be a dropbox that shows play off seedings
  2. Think a lot of it comes down to researchers. If you want a particular league in the game if you can help with research then it probably makes it much more likely. Third tier British hockey is more or less amateur level in fact wouldn't be surprised if some players pay for their ice time and equipment. There will be trade off also how much time and work to setup the league structure and how many people will play it. Would love to see Champions league and continental cup and a few leagues that feed teams into that.
  3. The scottish Juniour leagues woudl be good. Yes I know no promotion to the SFL but still would be a good challenge as now the 3 superleague winners and cup winners in the juniour get into the Scottish cup. Lucky Girvan get in it every year as they are full SFA members. Would eb good though and in fairness the top juniour teams are a match for 3rd div teams at least. I would say though for other countries: Egypt Tunisia Morroco Cyprus Nigeria England has more than its fair share of teams unfortunatly leaves the games too unbalanced at times with their being so many english players in the db. Let other nations catch up first then fair enough look at England again though try and keep the game balanced.
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