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  1. I don’t think I did. Only opportunity could have been in the interview process. I’d have to check but I might have said I’d end up winning the league for them, but I didn’t mean in the season I took over, we were in 14th position at the time. If it was an option maybe that is a bug in itself, I mean it was virtually impossible to do so surely it shouldn’t give you the option to say you could do it.
  2. yes it's FM18. Italy lost a CL place to France, mainly because i kept winning the CL with PSG
  3. Was getting bored playing my PSG save so i decided to resign having won 6 consecutive league titles, 4 champions league titles, 4 world club champions titles, and around 20 other cup competitions. Now this isn't a brag, i'm merely illustrating it to add some context for what i'm about to type next. So as i mention i resigned, i applied for some big jobs, but got turned down 3 times, Bayern rejected me, so did A.Madrid and to top it off Ajax also gave me a wide berth. OK that's fine, i accepted it as maybe my style of play, which is direct and fast i might add, wasn't suited to their club philosophy. Anyway i digress. The Roma job becomes available, they are languishing in 14th position after 17 games. This is the challenge i need. I apply. I get the job. Their squad is atrocious and they have no budget so i set about clearing the deadwood so i can afford to buy players. After some much needed spring cleaning i manage to muster up 35m and put it to good use by signing some promising youngsters, all Italian which i might add too. It all seems to click, its beautiful - we storm up the league and manage to finish in a really respectable 4th position qualifying for the europa league, only 1 point behind Inter Milan who grab the last CL place. I'm thinking next season we can really challenge here with a few astute additions. End of season review comes from the board and i'm flabbergasted to hear they are not happy with my performance, i literally have to beg to keep my job. They set a points target of 13 points from the first 5 games. I cross my fingers and hope the fixture list is kind. What do i get? Napoli away, Juve home, Bari away, Lazio home and Inter away. Just my luck I manage to sneak a late winner away against Napoli, we win 2-1. Big sigh of relief Juve at home is tough, 0-0 with 5 minutes to go, i grab an 89th min winner. Happy days Bari away is much more comfortable, i win at a canter, 4-1. Lovely jubbly. Home to our fierce rivals Lazio, we sneak out an even matched game, 2-1. Fans go home happy. So there we have it, 4 win form 4 games, 12 points and sitting top of the league. We travel to Inter next. As you've already probably guessed by now, we end up losing, only by 1-0 but nonetheless a loss is a loss is a loss. Immediately after the game i am sacked. WTF! Not only that, i'm ripped to shreds in the media, how i failed as a manager, how my team were awful, poor morale in the dressing room, bad results etc. It is simply not true. I actually had a really good win percentage. I think i only lost 3/4 games in 28 games. And for a side that is rebuilding i think that is pretty good. I took theM from 14th to 4th in the league having already been 17 games into the season. Having looked at their previous 5 league finishes it read something like: 9th, 11th, 9th, 12th and 7th so they weren't exactly tearing it up and they sack me in 2nd position, 2 points behind the leader. I'm sorry i know there have been some crazy sackings IRL but this just seems crazy to me. All i can do is console myself with the fact that they don't deserve me to manage their team!
  4. I'm thinking the same thing. I'm in my 5th season with PSG - losing interest because its becoming too easy. I always like to go to a big club first, stay there for a few years and quit, then join a bottom 6 team and buy regens to turn a small club into a giant. Thing is i'm finding it hard to think of who to go to - i do kinda like the idea of international management but don't wanna wait for the next world cup.
  5. PLOT TWIST! So having cancelled Griezmann's transfer it wasn't going to be long before we would meet again. Who would be victorious this time? Scores were there to be settled. Lets just say i came out on top again...what made it even funnier is that he had an absolute stinker of a game.
  6. hahahahahahaha that is epic! you must have been fuming. Well i think we have a winner
  7. good to see that i'm not the only one who has a spiteful streak Another thing i remember doing recently, Diawarra had been moaning about a new contract so i dropped him for a CL final game and played a 19 year old in his position instead. TBH, i only did this because we were up against Valencia so thought i could pull it off but i just wish there was an option where i could say i'm dropping you for X reason as even though i know why he was dropped, i don't think it registered with him.
  8. I tried to to sign Griezmann every transfer window for about 4 seasons. Every year i had a bid accepted but he wouldn't even entertain the idea of entering into contract negotiations with me. At the start of my 5th season he finally decided he wanted to play for me, it's worth noting he is 30 years of age at this point, and having offered him a wage of 650k p/w (an improvement of 300k on his current contract i might add, when it came to finalising the deal i cancelled it leaving him to stay at Atletico Madrid. The guy rejected me at least 10 times, petty as it was, i couldn't let him have the last word - so felt rejecting him was a nice way to get closure on the situation. He who laughs last laughs hardest!
  9. i have the same issue with PSG - played 4 seasons and won the CL in 3 of my four seasons. Media talks about us like we're the greatest club team to ever exist yet some players get their heads turned by other teams, yes they play in better leagues but as far as i'm concerned, our success should be the overriding factor.
  10. Thanks, man. Yeah it’s turned out to be a very enjoyable save.
  11. Yeah fair do’s. And to be totally frank, it would be hard to replicate any teams play IRL using this match engine but I suppose we can only work with the tools we have.
  12. The shape of my team with 3 strikers up top is misleading. Mbappe and Dolberg play like a hybrid of two roles, yes they play like advanced forwards, but they also play like wingers. Hence why they’ve both got over 40 goals and 40 assists to their names. Whilst my strikers only press in certain areas it’s a misconception to suggest they don’t track back at all. My wing backs press high up the pitch, which actually condenses the amount of space the wide strikers are asked to come back into. If my full backs and defensive line was deep, the wide strikers would have to cover more ground. But as my team pushes high up, the strikers are afforded the luxury of only having to track back to the half way line. And to be honest, they often win the ball back before they even get to the half way line. I’d say this tactic is a mix of Barca and r.madrid in their pomp. It’s more like Barca in regards to team shake, but more like r.madrid in terms of its direct play. This isn’t a tikka takka tactic. To be honest, as much as I can describe how my teams plays, the real beauty is seeing how it all works in action. If you’re interested I’d be happy to upload the save so you can see for yourself.
  13. The match engine will always struggle to cope with any given type of goal in any series that is produced. What’s new? I’m playing a game set within parameters that I have no control over. This tactic is how I like to set teams up, regardless of which version I play - I pay my money so why should I change? So called experts have said this tactic will concede lots of goals, I’ve proven that to be false. Maybe it was a bit mishevious to start a thread like this, but it just goes to show, even the so called experts could learn a thing or two. And to say this tactic isn’t built around any tactical theory is wrong. Lots of teams in real life play like this, just watch any top team in the CL over the last 10 years.
  14. and have you ever heard of the boy that cried on behalf of others, you being the 'boy' and Rashidi being the 'other'
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