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  1. As the title says, I've had real difficulty installing either patch. I was prepared to continue playing my game unpatched, but the international management bug has meant I need to install it. I've downloaded 10.2, opened up the file and it says it's updating the files, yet when it gets to file 735, it tells me I cannot continue installing the patch, as the fm.exe unlocatable, or soomething to that effect. My game is a digital download. Has anyone has similar problems? Or a solution?
  2. Would it be if I could join in for the next season?
  3. "And then the world was wonderful. Punk rock and Peter Ward!"

    Congratulations on getting them promoted, glad to see some progress being made by my hometown club.
  4. The Who are you Managing survey

    Just wondering Manumoss, do Q.P.R get a huge budget? I'm at Valencia currently, by the way.
  5. Your Managerial Career

    2007 Unemployed 2007 - 2015 Unterhaching 1 Regional Division South 1 German Second Division 2 German Bundesligas 2 German League Cups 2 German Cups Champions League Semi's 2015 - 2016 Newcastle 3rd Place in Premiership, expected 11th. 2016 - ???? Valencia 1st Place after January, 12 winning run. Not bad, eh?
  6. Who's been furthest into the future??

    In the Editors Hideout, theres a guy whos in 2143!
  7. Well, I think it's going quite well, so far, won all my friendlies, and have signed Torje, Stancu, Flamini on loan, Evans on loan. Bolton are a very good team to be
  8. You guys have inspired me to start a Bolton save! Wish me luck.
  9. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    Incredible team, best on here by a country mile
  10. Some guy called Dick in the German leagues. "Dick heads the ball" made me laugh
  11. Unemployed? Not for long...

    Sure they do.
  12. My despite awoiding relegation, hwne i was odds on to be relegated, my board still seem unable to overlook my 4-2 away loss to Bayern Munich.
  13. The Heady Heights of Hugo...

    Great story sherm, really enjoyed reading it. Hope you can keep it up, and the detail is fabulous. Good luck.
  14. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    I'd suggest a new left winger, maybe a younger one that Nedved can tutor? I'm not sure who, off the top of my head, I'm more lower league see. . The rest of your team seems good, though