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  1. FM on FB

    EA has Fifa Superstars as an app on Facebook.
  2. Who still plays FM08?

    I think I have the best attacking force in the PL right now in my game with West Ham. I have 3 strikers in Nathan Delfouneso, Alex Tarweh Nimely and Toto Tamuz. They all just power through any defense. Quite nifty because if one of them has a slump in form, the other will start firing away the goals. Brilliant midfield as well. My defense is going to need some work soon though as they're all getting up there in age.
  3. Half my reserve and youth teams refuse to go on loan to feeder clubs. I wish I could fine them for blatantly refusing to go where I tell them to.
  4. Who still plays FM08?

    I'm still on FM08. My main save, I'm currently playing as West Ham for the 3rd season. I'm in 2016 I believe. The big 4 as turned into the Big 3 now. Manchester United still playing strong, Manchester City has become the other big team who causes me most of my problems, and my West Ham team are the other big club. Chelsea and Arsenal have sunk to Top Half or Midtable finishes. Basically a battle between everyone for 4th spot. Finished 3rd my first season after Roy Keane got the sack after finishing in 15th, then Manchester United decided to sign him as manager, and he's made a hell of a team. Then second season, I was able to pull off 1st place on the last game of the season. Basically it came down to me winning and Man City losing or drawing. I ended up drawing the game, and I though City had me done for, and they ended up drawing their game which kept me up top. I have Bolton as a feeder club as well since they sunk down to Championship level. Portsmouth, Sunderland and Everton are both Championship level teams too.
  5. Fm08.

    Extract the installer? If you have the disc, you don't need to extract anything.
  6. FM2009 FAQ - Updated for 9.3.0

    *EDIT* Forgot my video card. Out of curiosity. Will it run on my computer? I remember I played the demo, but I can't remember how well it ran, I know it did run. My specs: Windows XP eMachines T6216 AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ 2.01 GHz, 384 MB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce 6100 I actually have 512 MB of RAM but it's not registering it when I go to the properties on My Computer, but System Information reads it. I reckon it may not work, so I should just pass on it?
  7. Skins not showing up in preferences

    I can't seem to get the BBC Sport skin from sortitoutsi to work. I'm using FM 08, I know I'm doing everything right, because I have another skin I'm using. I'm not sure if I'm correct, but FM07 skins won't work on 08 will they? Because I had a look through the graphics in it, and it still has FM07 headers and stuff. But it was in the FM08 category which leaves me confused. Not a big deal, it's a really nice skin, but I'm using another one that's nice as well. Was just wondering if the issue had been brought up before and if it was figured out.
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    LOL @ Your manager name.
  9. Canada. London, Ontario to be more specific. But I've lived in Glasgow.
  10. players in scotland

    The Old Firm in the EPL actually reminds me of something I read on soccernet recently. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/columns/story?id=603057&sec=england&root=england&lpos=spotlight&lid=tab2pos2&cc=5901 That's the article, and It really doesn't sound like that bad of an idea to be honest. It could help the SPL in a lot of ways if done right. But I doubt it will ever happen, but It is a pretty neat concept to think of.
  11. To be honest, I'm Canadian, and I still understand it. It's a pretty stupid concept to be "different" yet it fails to be any better. All it does is confuse. I prefer the real way. The European... And well everything other country in the worlds way.
  12. I would love to have my league in. I know the teams are in there... Well atleast most of them. But sadly I doubt it will ever happen. And to be quite honest, It's not even that big of a deal, because I would probably only play it once since the league isn't structured along with MLS, so I'd be stuck in that league, and I really know nothing about it, and also the fact that I'm clueless about MLS's stupid table format. Adding leagues would be nice though, but for me, the big thing is if the league connects to major leagues. I probably wouldn't care for a league if it didn't connect to a major league like the Premiership. Although, I do admit, if the Scottish Highland leagues were in, I would venture into those. But if any leagues would be needed, I would vote for lower in the English leagues as they connect to the premiership. But it's no big deal really. SI should focus on the gameplay, making improvements, making the game even better than it already is.
  13. I seen WSM 2007 in EB Games once. It was used I think, although it was on the shelf roughly the the time it came out.
  14. I would find that amusing if that happened to Arsenal. But look at Hull's run of form. Quite shocking, staying up there with the best, and holding their own against the big sides. They're doing really well for being just promoted.