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  1. I think I have the best attacking force in the PL right now in my game with West Ham. I have 3 strikers in Nathan Delfouneso, Alex Tarweh Nimely and Toto Tamuz. They all just power through any defense. Quite nifty because if one of them has a slump in form, the other will start firing away the goals. Brilliant midfield as well. My defense is going to need some work soon though as they're all getting up there in age.
  2. I'm still on FM08. My main save, I'm currently playing as West Ham for the 3rd season. I'm in 2016 I believe. The big 4 as turned into the Big 3 now. Manchester United still playing strong, Manchester City has become the other big team who causes me most of my problems, and my West Ham team are the other big club. Chelsea and Arsenal have sunk to Top Half or Midtable finishes. Basically a battle between everyone for 4th spot. Finished 3rd my first season after Roy Keane got the sack after finishing in 15th, then Manchester United decided to sign him as manager, and he's made a hell of a team. Then second season, I was able to pull off 1st place on the last game of the season. Basically it came down to me winning and Man City losing or drawing. I ended up drawing the game, and I though City had me done for, and they ended up drawing their game which kept me up top. I have Bolton as a feeder club as well since they sunk down to Championship level. Portsmouth, Sunderland and Everton are both Championship level teams too.
  3. Bloody typos. thanks for that. Yes, 94-98, unless the FM series just suddenly started going back in time. If that's the case, I can't wait for FM 66 and take England to glory.
  4. I would love to play these games. Probably any of the series from 1994-1988. Taking the Gers to glory with Gascoigne, Laudrup and McCoist. How were those 3 in the series if anyone knows or remembers?
  5. SI may need to think about shipping blow up dolls with future titles, because we're all doomed for real relationships.
  6. I'm bad for commentating my own matches. One thing I do often aswell is that I seem to believe I'm actually a news reporter. After matches have been played, I'll click on them and give a recap of the games like the goal scorers, and the even sadder part is, I do it all in an English accent. You know you're addicted to FM when you actually feel guilty when one of your players plea's for first team play.
  7. Hmm. Not sure if it's been mention... Probably has. When you start a new game and choose your experience as Automatic or Sunday League, and start Unemployed. You can be hired as an Assistant Manager, managing reserve teams and work your way up to offers from clubs looking for First team managers. Or If the Manager goes on Holiday or a meeting, he'll leave you in charge to fill in for the next First team game, and it adds to your Reputation. Just an Idea. I know it's possible to play reserve games. But it's just something to ponder about.
  8. I'm enjoying this tactic, but one problem. I've only been able to pull out 1 away win playing as Tottenham.
  9. The Canadian league would be nice. I've always wanted to play as London City no matter how crap they are. Also i'm sure SI could add a relegation system from Scottish Third Division into the lower leagues. It may not be realistic in real terms, but it is only a game and would make LLM quite a bit of fun. Plus Pollok seem to get really far in the cup games in my game. So it would be quite fun to watch their progress through the leagues. Just a thought.
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