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  1. So I loaded most European leagues for my save but forgot to load the Premier League and the Championship. So pretty much only the Champions League teams have a full-ish squad and a manager while every other team doesn't. I have now loaded it up for the next season. My question is this: Now that I've loaded those two leagues, will their current managers and players suddenly appear or will they just be able to sign players and hire a manager? Cheers
  2. Hi! So I hadn't realised that I had my football manager data on my SSD drive and not the larger drive. So while I was playing the SSD essentially ran out of space and FM crashed. When I moved everything around it worked but I think FM started deleting non essential data to make it work as long as possible. Not holding on to any of the lost data (I saved way beyond the point of data like past managers, league history had already been deleted) but I'm really deep into the save and it's quite annoying that none of the data saves now. I thought now that I have cleared space (500gb lol) it would resume from that point but that's not the case. Anyone know what's going on and if there's any way to resume the save keeping histories. Like nothing appears when I look at past league positions. If a manager leaves or is sacked, you can't their record or their being there in the club's manager history page (although it'll still show they managed that team if you go on the manager's page) Cheers!
  3. Yeah, I'd have no issue at all if the AI managers were flexible or based their formations on the team available, but it seems regardless of the "fits players into preferred formation" trait, they will always use their preferred formation.
  4. Can you? Could you walk me through this, I would pay for the editor solely to change this! Thanks!
  5. So, as the title suggests, what determines a manager's preferred formation? Frankly some of the changes in preferred formation are a bit annoying and make the game difficult for me to enjoy. For example, in the Lecce career I'm doing Zidane was sacked by Madrid, and after Allegri moved to Barca, Zidane joined Juve. Zidane's preferred formation switched to a 4-4-2 despite Juve having 5 world class inside forwards. Allegri on the other hand, has his preferred formation switched to a 4-1-4-1 where Messi plays on the right, far deeper than he should. Then Zidane moved on to become France manager, and Conte joined Juve (after being with Real, where he played a 3-4-2-1) and upon joining Juve his preferred formation switched to a 4-3-3. Then one month into the new season his preferred formation switched to a 4-4-2... Now half the league's managers' preferred formations are the 4-4-2 which is making all the wingers in Serie A useless and unhappy. A quick look around the leagues revealed an unemployed Guardiola, whose preferred formation is also the 4-4-2... Anyone know what determines a manager's preferred formation, and whether it can be edited? Cheers!
  6. I'm nearly 10 years into my Reggio Calabria save. I realized something was odd as despite having over 30 scouts and being able to scout players I couldn't assign any scouts and it said "0/0 scouts on assignments". I have the in-game editor downloaded as well as many skins. I did the three steps of deleting my cache, preferences and then validating my files twice. Each time I load up the game and click "Scouting" the game crashes! Not really sure what to do. Any help would be welcome, thanks!
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