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  1. Full pressing game and counter attacking. Wing backs pushing on with 2 holding midfielders. 1 up front , with 3 attacking midfielders behind him. Then I just make sure all my free kick takers / corner takers / captains are the best available... I also won't play any player who's stamina is less than 12, they can't last a full game.
  2. My team hardly changes, injuries and red / yellow cards can't be avoided... Other than that it stays the same, of course I like to give afew youngsters a run out every now and then! With the right amount of fitness training you can keep your team at its peak fitness throughout the season
  3. I train my teams hard! And ignore warnings from coaches about training been too hard , if players can't handle it the reserves are waiting for them! I only play players over 90% fitness.
  4. Started in the Belgium second division... Won the league and Belgium cup in the first season!
  5. Improve your win ratio! I had 1 season at Liverpool , won all cups and league , 1 month into second season and just been offered the Bayern job. Declined it though, I want the full clean sweep of champions league and world club challenge with Liverpool before moving on!
  6. Just downloaded this latest version of football manager, and I have to say it's too easy.... Maybe my choice of first club , picked Liverpool, added a couple signings and currently running with a 80% win rate and won everything so far. Is there a difficult level on the game? Also, how come no of my team have player pictures? Only those I brought in from la liga have profile pictures.... Is this down to players image rights etc
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