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  1. Yes I have save from 3rd december, euro tour begings 12th. https://www.dropbox.com/s/uk94w7qsj0rqm1y/Devils%21_1.sav?dl=0
  2. Thanks Nino for opening the thread, So I've been having issues with international games after the hotfix. Some details: - Playing with TBL 7.4 rosters - I have erased all competition and player histories, renamed NHL teams and some AHL teams and playing with randomized details. No other alterations or teams moves etc. - First time NHL players left for international play in november 2024 (world cup year). - After the hotfix I loaded my last save: 5th nov -> players left still for international play, 31st oct -> players still left for international play. Finally my save from 16th sept was ok and I was able to get past deutschland cup in november without NHL players leaving. - Come december and euro hockey tour NHL players left again despite getting past deutschland cup. - During regular season with salary cup and roster limitations this causes NHL teams to put their better players on waivers and trading block while trying to put together a playing roster with players unavailable due to international games. I can post my save game later tonight or this weekend.
  3. After the update I got past the issue in november with deutschland cup. Come december and euro hockey tour nhl players are still leaving for international duty.
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