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  1. Did a quick simulation with Liverpool and just holiday’d through half the season from August to December to get an idea of what’s been fixed. Fitness: Seems like fitness has finally been adjusted and is now a lot more realistic. Plenty of players were below 85% fitness around November/December time. Transfer window: Unfortunately the transfer window still seems quite broken. - Still not able to include clauses when you sell a player after multiple clubs have made a bid. This was an issue that was apparently being solved. - Still able to recall a player from loan even if a recall clause wasn’t inserted. - Still not receiving offers for some players listed for loan even if they’re a decent player e.g. listed Woodburn for loan and received no offers. I understand that you can’t list every single bug that’s been fixed but surely some of the major fixes could be listed? Is anybody from the team able to give us a bit more information? I’d mainly want some details about fixes regarding transfers & loans e.g. are bigger clubs actually going to be interested in signing my key players now? Feels like I’m automatically playing on easy mode when I’m never receiving offers for key players or having them hand in transfer requests.
  2. I raised this issue on here recently so hopefully they’re looking into it. Upload your save here with a relevant title so the team know what they’re looking at https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/gFKFPT9DKgkgj78
  3. Agreed. I’m 10 seasons in and have turned a championship club into premier league winners but clubs still don’t attempt to sign my best players. Liverpool had at least 10 players who are 32+ years old last time I checked their squad too. It seems like the AI just needs tuning a little bit regarding transfers to be more logical/aggressive. I’m playing on iPad for what it’s worth. 
  4. E.g. if I offer a player to clubs with a 10% sell on clause and then multiple clubs make a bid for the player, the clause doesn’t appear on the player’s new contract when he has moved to his new club.
  5. I’m 10 years into a save now and I’ve only received offers for my star players a couple of times. I never have the biggest clubs trying to sign my players and it makes a bit unrealistic and too easy to keep my best players.
  6. Is there a way of disabling the first transfer window? I've looked in the Preferences and looked carefully on each screen when creating a save but can't find an option. Thanks.
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