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  1. I raised this issue on here recently so hopefully they’re looking into it. Upload your save here with a relevant title so the team know what they’re looking at https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/gFKFPT9DKgkgj78
  2. Agreed. I’m 10 seasons in and have turned a championship club into premier league winners but clubs still don’t attempt to sign my best players. Liverpool had at least 10 players who are 32+ years old last time I checked their squad too. It seems like the AI just needs tuning a little bit regarding transfers to be more logical/aggressive. I’m playing on iPad for what it’s worth. 
  3. E.g. if I offer a player to clubs with a 10% sell on clause and then multiple clubs make a bid for the player, the clause doesn’t appear on the player’s new contract when he has moved to his new club.
  4. I’m 10 years into a save now and I’ve only received offers for my star players a couple of times. I never have the biggest clubs trying to sign my players and it makes a bit unrealistic and too easy to keep my best players.
  5. Is there a way of disabling the first transfer window? I've looked in the Preferences and looked carefully on each screen when creating a save but can't find an option. Thanks.
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