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  1. Just started on the database, managing Man Utd and tried to sign Schmeichel and the bid was accepted but he wanted £105,000 p/w...what the hell lol
  2. Finally got round to downloading after the busy day I had yesterday, not had chance to play it yet. However, I am so looking forward to playing this database.
  3. I will be out most of today, so will have to download when I am back but needless to say...am excited for this today 22/07/2016 is turning out to be an amazing day for me at the moment
  4. Is Sir Bobby Robson on the game? If so, where is he? Only ask because I think he's the 2nd best manager of the England team after Ramsey and he also helped shape football now by giving Mourinho a coaching role at Barca. I so hope he is in the game somewhere
  5. Love how even Ramsey is trying Lampard and Gerrard in the centre of midfield...can they finally play alongside each other?
  6. I am creating a new league database and I have got everything going well except for the reserve and under-18's. I have manage to create the cups for both and they work fine but it's the leagues I cannot create. When I go add the reserve league and the under-18 league, the league I created cannot be added due to having no teams in the league. However, if I add any of the teams I have created into the league then they are not in the main division league. My question is, how do I add the reserve teams to a reserve league and an under-18 teams to a league for them? I am using the basic editor because I cannot use the advanced editor, I find it confusing
  7. I LOVE reading about the history, this is why I can't wait for this. The more I see, the more I learn thank you for the hardwork and I seriously can't wait for release day
  8. Hi all, just wondering if I could get some help. I am currently in the process of trying to create a whole new nation and league structure. I have created the teams, put them in leagues: 1st Division 2nd Division Then when I run the test it says that 2nd division needs to be set to level 2 (due to it being the 2nd level of the structure) and I change it but when I run the test again, it instantly says the same error message and the 2nd division has instantly changed from a level 2 to a level 3. How to I do this where it's the correct number? Thank you for any replies
  9. I have such respect for you for how much hardwork this must be. All I can do is be patient and know that it will be released this month (even if I am chomping at the bit to get this downloaded and played)
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