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  1. hey i dono if its meant to be like this or if theres an error but you cant be promoted from tier 7 (north easy premier division) to tier 6 dono if this is how it is in real life. sucks cause my local side is in tier 9:P
  2. so my fm 16 has decided to break so i can't play this:/ when i go to new game editor data files is grayed out
  3. i no this isnt the place but as its pretty active has anyone had the issue where players are all stacked up on the half way line during 3d highlights... ive had it since yesterdays patch and reseting preferences didnt help
  4. Its ok will grigg was a joke but i guess you where to busy to watch the euros hes basically a northern irish player who gained a cult following without playing a match due to the song "will griggs is on fire" On a serious note is Colin Todd in it?
  5. i havn't found one nicknamed ghost but i believe it was Chris Lawler who was nicknamed the silent knight and was famed for finding space in the box. he was a liverpool player in the 60S and 70s. He got his nickname due to scoring 41 goals from right back by miracalously turning up unmarked in the 6 yard box he had 3 league titles 2 fa cups 1 ufea cup and was runner up in 66. he was one of the few players that survived shankleys clear out of older players in the 70s which says alot cause the 60s side was very good
  6. last i seen was cascoigne was at everton, sheringham at forrest and campbell at arsenal Klinsman is prob in germany or inter Fenech is using the rule that players are where they where at 24 in most cases so if a player was over 24 when they joined spurs they will more likely be somewhere else guess youll have to buy them:)
  7. GK: Cech RB: Cafu CB: Adams, Maldini LB: Ashley Cole (hate the guy but best Left back in my lifetime) cm: Viera,, zidane, xabi alonso Cf: suarez, henry and bergkamp
  8. who was the liverpool player nicknamed the ghost in the 70s or 80s for his ability to drift away from defenders and find space in the box?
  9. have you had time to do derby? cant have don revies leeds without there biggest rivals and where is will griggs and how much better then pele is he
  10. lol at italy......good news boss zoff is injured....oh whos replacing him......buffon.....f$%k
  11. my cousin is having a fit over schurrle being picked over pat nevin ramires over holland and oscar over mata
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