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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Riz. I'm surviving by playing in full-screen mode (I can't use the windowed or bordereless windowed modes as they keep crashing randomly) and hoping for an eventual fix once you get more clarity about Win10.
  2. No, because according to Riz the glitch occurs when the game generates coaches/assistant coaches for the save game at the start. I believe the game pulls the information on staff from whichever source database you choose to use (default, TBL, 1978, etc.) and then populates any fields not specifically detailed in that staff record dynamically. As hluraven said, for current saves, as the game created new staff at the coach/asst. coach level, it would populate the Motivating field correctly once the hotfix is in place, but existing staff - having already been generated - would retain the values from when they were created. Also, thank you, Riz!
  3. Considering that this is the only program on my PC that behaves this way, I'd say in my case it is an EHM problem. YMMV.
  4. Well, I've been around the EHM community since '05 so I hope I don't come off as someone doing a drive-by attack on the community. But if EHM becomes unplayable because of my "non-standard" setup (i.e., a Surface Pro 4 bought off the shelf), who does that hurt? It hurts both me, the end user, and SI, the developer, because I'll have to stop paying for a game I can't play and start paying for one that I can.
  5. This is getting pointless rapidly. The long and short of it is that this is EHM's problem to fix, not the end users'.
  6. If anything outside of a desktop computer is "non-standard" for EHM then EHM is not going to have a very long shelf life.
  7. This literally (in the correct usage of the word) may be the worst response I've seen on a support board. "This bespoke game works best on one specific platform, so if you don't have that platform you need to suck it up"? It took the OOTP guys less than half of a version cycle to adapt their display setups to work on the super-high-resolution Surface screens. If the EHM response is, "Find a kludge to work around it or buy a desktop system with a standard nVidia GPU," then it's pretty clear where the market is going to send its dollars - not to Riz and co. Thankfully, I think Riz is working on this rather than telling his end users they're SOL, so I look forward to the solution when it comes.
  8. The bug itself doesn't break the game (it does make it far less realistic, but that's a digression for a longer post), but I do think it's an indicator of something seriously amiss in the code; for all we know, this bug could be connected with the non-playing prospects as well as other functional issues. The bug is database-independent and it affects the gameplay engine. So I think it's definitely major.
  9. Well, the Surface Pro 4 IS a PC in all respects. I think the game engine is what's not optimized. I'll bet there is a lot of basic functionality in the code that's at least a decade old, if not older.
  10. For my part, I can't run EHM in anything other than full screen mode under Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 without it crashing and wreaking havoc on my system. So I just have to keep praying that no Win10 notifications pop up or my screen timeout passes (for example, when I'm on GM vacation in May after being eliminated from the playoffs), because once I pop out of full-screen the game is unrecoverable.
  11. That's good to know - I'll reset my options accordingly. Thanks!
  12. Agreed, this only affects anyone labeled as an Assistant Coach or Head Coach. Assistant GM/GM and Physio are not affected. I've noticed playing the game that scores have become rather lopsided as a rule (see lots of 8-1, 7-6, etc.), but correlation /= causation... I don't know how much the Motivating attribute truly affects gameplay.
  13. I have selected Auto Save to Rolling Files since I purchased EHM 1. With the new 1.2 and 1.2.1 updates, it seems as though the rolling files are either saved irregularly or don't save at all. For instance, I created a fresh game when the hotfix was rolled out and I got to February in-game before the game saved its first alternate rolling file (apparently it just overwrote the original save file rather than create rolling files). Not sure if this is a bug or altered functionality...?
  14. Thanks, Riz! FYI - I was using the TBL rosters when the staff Motivating attributes were all reduced. I went back to the default rosters and they had the same issue in a fresh save.
  15. Bug: When backgrounds are set to "off," the display writes new screens over old screens without dismissing the old screens completely. Issue: When I created a new save using the 1.2-adjusted database, all of my staff members had "Motivating" set to 1. Very few staff in my database have Motivating values above 10.
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