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  1. From what I've read around on these forums and other websites, the primary things you should be looking for when sending a player on loan are: - The loaning clubs training facilities level - The loaning managers "Working With Youngsters" ability (if loaned player is under 21) - The loaning managers "Man Management" ability (if loaned player is over 21) but I have found that these things are really not that important What is much more important for player development is: How many times will the player loaned player actually play? A lot of the time when you loan a player, you'll get anywhere between 15-40 loan offers. Some clubs will be trash, some will be from non-loaded leagues, and you might get 1 or 2 clubs with great facilities offering a first-team regular option. A lot of the time, your players will not get a large number of games at these top clubs and it would be much better for their development if they played 40+ games for a club with worse facilities. I've seen a lot of examples where my player gets 10 loans from championship clubs with impressive facilities and one loan offer from a napoli or manchester united, but when you actually send them to a better club 4 months later you find they've played 6 games and been subbed in 5. How many times will the player win at their loaned club? Another major factor to player development is based on their player rating which is based on their in-match performance. The issue is even if a player puts in a good performance but is losing every match 5-0, his rating is going to be dragged down with the rest of his team. I've found sending a player to a club with a higher expected league position with worse facilities than one with better facilities but expected to be in the bottom half or quarter of their league helps them develop faster. Has anyone noticed these trends?
  2. I am having game crashes while alt-tabbed and playing Heroes of the Storm on another screen. Attached. FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.08.03 23.43.06).dmp
  3. Can they fix this? It doesn't seem that complicated to get working.
  4. I am playing as Watford and I have asked my Under 21's manager to arrange a friendly every week, but he never does it. Why is this?
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