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  1. Hello I keep getting this crash. I went to appdata folder of sports interactive and deleted caches and preferences that didn't help. Reinstalled the game and that didn't help as well. Deleted the custom graphics folder also didn't fix the problem also tried to turn off the antivirus program the one I am running is called AVG. I played for more than 200 hrs and the game was fine. Then it crashed for once and it can't start anymore. DxDiag.txt
  2. That is very disappointing. Thanks for quick reply.
  3. Hello I love football manager, it's a great game, but I have this question, I have it on steam right? But do I need to buy it also on my iphone to play it on my iphone ? Or I can play it through steam somehow ? Because I'm really not keen on buying it twice. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey, thanks I think it worked the names have not changed for two months now (game time). Thanks agian hope you fix it forever and hope this bug will not be in future games of yours good luck.
  5. I don't know does it have any effect on the name change ?
  6. So I have problem with the players names changing, i tried excluding steam and FM16 on my antivirus program, then I tried deleting the preferences and caches and reverifying the caches only works for like one day (game time) and it changes agian are there any more ways to fix it ??? (sorry for bad english).
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