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  1. Season Preview Board Expectations: NIFL C2: Fight bravely against relegation Northern Irish Cup: Fourth Round Northern Irish Intermediate Cup: Second Round My Expectations: NIFL C2: We have a decent squad, so I would expect mid table Northern Irish Cup: No idea, just meeting the expectations of the board is the aim Northern Irish Intermediate Cup: Again meet the board expectation Budgets: Transfer: £3,214 Wage: £329 (currently spending £250) Balance: £601 Facilities Stadium: Seahaven Capacity: 1,000 Training Facilities: Basic Youth Facilities: Basic Junior Coaching: None Youth Recruitment: None
  2. So after my last thread was pretty much stifled before it took over, I decided to read through some older threads for inspiration for a new career. I came across a superb piece for NeptheZ from years ago when I was originally a member. He did some excellent work with a Northern Irish team called Knockbreda on the back of a Gundo challenge. He took them all the way to European glory, he had a couple of really special players in particular Andrew Smylie. He scored an unreal amount of goals for him over his career. I have decided to try and recreate this with a new team. The only difference is that my challenge will be heavily based on building youth but not solely. I know this will take a long time but once glory is achieved it should be worth it. I intend to not only win everything I can with my team but I also intend to have a youth product who can go on a scoring run that makes him score more than 1,000 goals. The chosen team will be Portstewart, they have nothing at all in terms of history and it will be aim to change that as soon as possible
  3. Hi mate, can you delete this one please seems I cant do what I had planned http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/459715-Va-duz-nothing
  4. Really, gutted what a nightmare
  5. Season Preview 2014/15 Expectations Media Prediciton: 9th Board Expectations: Avoid relegation Lichtenstein Cup: Win I have struggled to bring any players into the squad as there doesn't seem to be to much out there that I can afford. I am hoping that being in European Football every year (if we win the cup) will allow us to have more money and attract a higher level of player. As we can let players play for Liechtenstein after 5 years I am going to start looking for some youngsters as this may also help our national team.
  6. I have decided to document a challenge that I tried to do a few years ago but I lost interest as Vaduz could not get into the Champions League. Now with the Europa League winners entering the Champions League, for the first time a Lichtenstein club could enter the Champions League. Vaduz dont play in the Swiss Cup but have to play in the Liechtensteiner Cup, also another point of note is that we can natuarlise any players to play for Lichtenstein The aim is to take Vaduz and make them kings of Europe, at the same time I will be building up Lichtenstein through my own youth products.
  7. Fingers crossed you can hold onto 8th mate.
  8. Amazing, how you are doing this is beyond me. Well done, superb
  9. Wright telling Bilic that Payet will be playing elsewhere next year was fantastic
  10. Dont like Collymore but fair play to him, it looks a little rough over there
  11. Payet turning into star of tournament. Big Spanish team will be in for him.
  12. Russia to finish with 1 point. Looks like Eng V SLO will be massive game
  13. Bet Bright have just sent a me a text for 4/1 England
  14. Harsh on Albania, been unlucky in both of their games
  15. Cant wait for the game. I am expecting a draw
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