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  1. For what it's worth, I have been trying to find a way to move my FM14, along with the downloadables like the "no sacking" option that I use for FMC, to a new computer. It looks like the dpwnloadables for FM14 are no longer available in the Steam store. I created a new save on my old computer and tried to add "no sacking," but I get an error message when I access the Steam store. Steam support told me there's nothing they can do, even after I sent them screen shots of the receipts for the unlockables that I purchased. They said to contact FM support on Steam. I clicked on the link they sent me, went to the thread, but found that other people have the same question I have, and nobody from SI or Sega has responded. So, I guess it's no more for the FMC unlockables I paid for. That really bothers me, because there are things I like about FMC 14 more than FM 2020 Touch. The in-game editor for FM14 that the OP was asking about is probably gone for good. An official response from SI would be appreciated, but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. I have the same question. In my St Pauli save I purchased the option to be able to scout anywhere. I would like to scout Ghana and other African countries, but can't seem to assign any scouts to do this. All my scouts seem able to do is scout Europe and "next opponent."
  3. Are the ones in the dropbox labeled "FMC" for FM Touch 2020 for the PC? I'm thinking about trying to install one of them, but...is the process as complicated as it sounds? I've never installed a skin for any FM game, but the purple background this time around is just hideous. Does anyone actually like it??? I'm surprised that there are no other "official" skins.
  4. Thank you. I will check with Steam. I will be very, very disappointed if I can't transfer the FM14/FMC that I paid for to my new computer along with the downloads that I paid for. I have played around with the new FM 20 Touch, and I'm not sure I like all of the latest features. I certainly do not like the hideous purple color.
  5. I would also appreciate an answer to this question.
  6. I would like to transfer FM14 to my new PC. But when I click on "downloads" when playing FMC on my current computer, I get an error message. Does this mean the downloads I purchased, such as the "unsackable" option, are no longer in the Steam store and won't transfer to my new computer? Will I be able to download and play FM14/FMC on my new computer???
  7. 1) can I purchase the latest Touch separate from the full game? I own the 2014 version, but I had to buy the full version of FM on Steam to get it. 2) can I buy the "can't get fired" option with the new version of Touch? That is an essential feature for me. 3) what does the new Touch have that the 2014 version doesn't? I'm not interested in 3D bells and whistles.
  8. The cut-down version of FM--the latest version that I have is FM2014, and I forget what it's called there--has a 'can't get fired' option with the PC version, which for me is an essential feature. I bought an Android phone recently and I see that FM Mobile is available in the Google Store. Does it have a 'can't get fired' option?
  9. Does the latest Touch include any African leagues other than South Africa? I've been enjoying the Women's World Cup and the Africa Cup, and feeling the urge to buy the latest Touch. The last version I bought was the FM14 version. I started playing this game back when it was called CM 01/02. I've always thought the AI has an unrealistic advantage...cheats, in other words. Soccer tactics don't change radically from year to year in real life. It seems to me that much of the discussion here about "tactics" is actually about unrealistic tricks to fool the AI. The cut down version was something I had hoped for for many years. But only having one African league is a real negative. With an editor, at least the player could create leagues, fictional or otherwise, in African countries. I would love to be able to create a fictional African super league. And yes, I too would love to manage sides in Nepal, Sudan and Palestine! But from what people are saying here, there's still no editor. It looks like there isn't going to be one in my lifetime. (I'm in my 60s) A soccer management sim as playable and moddable as OOTP Baseball...What a dream game that would be!!!
  10. If so, would someone please explain how? I like to use "Instant Result" a lot, and I have several tactics created by others that I would like to use. I play FMC 14.
  11. As far as OOTP Baseball is concerned, I believe you are mistaken. There is a large and enthusiastic community that plays historic games. Many, like me, play historical, fictional and current MLB leagues, at the same time. As for the rest of your remarks, with all due respect the same cost-benefit argument was made years ago when a few brave souls (including myself) proposed a "no sacking" option. And now...we have it with Touch. And implementing it did not cause the sun to fall from the sky. If the powers-that-be want to do something, it can be done, especially if the worldwide community of players gets involved. They know the history of their local leagues and players far better than an "official" company person can. It could open an entirely new market for the game. But, I'm not going to argue with anybody about it.
  12. That's a very nice idea! As a long-time player of several text-based sports management sims, I find the accumulation of historical stats to be one of the most interesting features of such games. The more stats, the better.
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