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  1. Small cosmetic issue on Finances > Debts and Loans When you first click on the tab and hover over each 'slice' of the pie chart, it highlights the correct corresponding debt. However if you sort the chart by a different column that changes the order of the debts, it will highlight the wrong one. Let me know if you need any further info, screen grab or save game.
  2. David Gold has already said that unless West Ham sell in January, there will be no further transfers due to FFP. I think that the budget is spot on (not that I like it though!) Payet would have been marked up by the Marseilles researcher, but also bear in mind that he is two footed, which I believe makes some of the attributes slightly lower but makes the player, a better player. On the face of it Tomkins doesn't look great, however for a central defender he has all the right attributes. At West Ham, he is probably third choice when you take form and injuries out of the equation. I haven't played a match yet, but wouldn't have any issue putting him in the team against any opposition in the Premier League. They have Koyoute's proper 'West Ham' position now (last year he was a central defender due to the Anderlect researcher basing his position on his time there). He looks good, although if I was to bump anything it would be his stamina.
  3. Quite recent news so probably missed the cut, but West Ham and VVV should be affiliated
  4. Like the fact that you have the option to highlight the attributes for best position and last position played, but where is the option for the rest of the roles?
  5. Couple of thoughts Firstly, I never take the 'marketable' features as the major updates as most of the very good stuff happens under the hood. Match engine, AI squad building and transfers are not headlining features, but improvements will make the game a lot better. The amount of headline features is definitely wearing thin for FM as it will get to the point where thinkgs they add in will move away from realism. There are plenty of football experts consultants that work with SI to make sure that all bases are covered for the doable features. Those who sway towards negative will always be more vocal than those that are positive or neutral about the game. As the mods have pointed out though, if you want to be negative or criticise the game or particular feature then think about it before doing so and offer alternatives or suggestions, it will only make the game better. Secondly, FM always needs a year like this where it is more evolution rather than revolution. The amount of features that have been added in the past couple of versions, there needs to be a polish up before moving on, every now and again. For people complaining about the price, I don't think I have paid more than £24 for beta and 1st day release for this game for a long time, so unless you are in a country that it is impossible to get a cheap deal (and for those I sympathise), you really need to shop around and not pre-order from the first place that you see the game advertised. As for the 'headline' features, the two so far that have appealed the most are: Fantasy draft. I know a few are saying this is a useless feature to add, but I and my friends really like it. As we've grown older and had families, we haven't had a LAN game for a long time due to the fact it took a whole weekend usually and a lot of preparation had to be done in messing around with the editor to put funds into our teams and make sure the reputation was equal. Then a hell of a lot of time was spent on the first transfer window as we tried to build squads, it would be about 8 hours into the game before we played the first match. This now is all done in a brilliant way and you could potentially have a 'friends' tournament or league done in an afternoon and evening. This feature, I would imagine is going to appeal a lot to the 'Twitch' generation and pop up competitions. Injuries. This seems to have fallen under the radar but there seems to have been a reworking of injuries, making them more realistic (not necessarily less frequent) and more importantly the ability to have a 'real time' diagnosis within the match. Perfect if you want to leave a striker on who has a broken a fingernail but is showing as 'injured'. I am definitely in the camp of disliking the tactics screen from the screenshot provided. The icons look clunky and out of place and at the moment looks a step back from the clean and smart football shirt icons. As others have said, you don't get a good feel for the positions that the player is in as the 11 icons almost cover the whole pitch. However, someone has said that this is on a low res computer and will wait until Beta\Demo to pass judgement. If it is still bad then SI will try to fix (as they do listen) or will be changed in the plethora of skins available.