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  1. Do you have a career in sales? You've sold Forest to me like a kipper lol
  2. Forest sounds like a good shout (restoring a fallen giant). I also like to develop youngsters (buy low/ sell high). Decisions decisions
  3. Hi all, I have wanted to start a new save for the best part of a month now but resisted in anticipation of the latest patch. Now that it has dropped (thank you SI) I am not sure who to be! I like to play as Premier league/ Championship standard teams with decent finances. I did read in the papers about takeovers at Charlton, Inter and Valencia amongst others. Have these made it into the patch? Is anyone else starting a new save this weekend? If so who with? I will probably end up starting 2 or 3 new saves, play 6 months then stick with which ever one is going the best. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Cheers
  4. You guys are probably right in which case i will use the editor to fix it should needs be. What to do in the mean time? Need a quick game with a short term goal to see me through to the final patch, any ideas?
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16677417.stm Granted the takeover is not complete at this precise moment but it will be by March. TSI have made "limited funds" available this month so surely its just a matter of crossing the t's and dotting the i's on the deal. I mean it must be almost certain otherwise why would they make funds available?
  6. Will the takeover make it into the final patch or will we have to wait until FM13? Reason I ask is I want to start a new save with a championship club and if it is going to be in the final patch I will wait.
  7. Hi everyone Congratulations to all those who have achieved promotions and success. To those who have not keep going!! just a quick request to save me from looking through over 2k posts could some one post a link to the team logos for this challenge please many thanks
  8. Board expectations have been set at consolidation, however I set my own target of minimum top 10 for first season in BSS. And so the process of sorting out the backroom/playing staff begins. Managed to arrange a friendly with Ipswich also. Found a Farnborough logo as well
  9. Back once again to have yet another go at this challenge. This time with Farnborough, who I think were my team of choice for my first attempt. Here's the Profile. Lets see what happens. Oh and if any one knows of any nice badges/ logos for the eligable teams could you let me know and possibly link me, thanks
  10. after nearly an hour and a half of reloading I finally have FC United of Manchester. So here is my profile. Let this be the last time I start this Challenge otherwise let my game become corrupted and unplayable.
  11. I am interested in FC United of Manchester and will try and load them up myself, however I may take up your offer if it takes ages for them to come up.
  12. Well im holidaying AGAIN!!!. It must be something to do with Dartford having a white kit. I didn't enjoy watching their matches as it kind of hurt my eyes.So will be changing team once again.
  13. The board have asked for safe mid table position. The media are predicting 14th placed finish. So no pressure then, let the transfer mayhem begin.
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