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  1. Do you have a career in sales? You've sold Forest to me like a kipper lol
  2. Forest sounds like a good shout (restoring a fallen giant). I also like to develop youngsters (buy low/ sell high). Decisions decisions
  3. Hi all, I have wanted to start a new save for the best part of a month now but resisted in anticipation of the latest patch. Now that it has dropped (thank you SI) I am not sure who to be! I like to play as Premier league/ Championship standard teams with decent finances. I did read in the papers about takeovers at Charlton, Inter and Valencia amongst others. Have these made it into the patch? Is anyone else starting a new save this weekend? If so who with? I will probably end up starting 2 or 3 new saves, play 6 months then stick with which ever one is going the best. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone Congratulations to all those who have achieved promotions and success. To those who have not keep going!! just a quick request to save me from looking through over 2k posts could some one post a link to the team logos for this challenge please many thanks
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