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  1. Thank you for your answer Bigpole. In my game it says 19.1.0 - update when I choose the database, that's why I assumed it's already an updated one. Do you have any other idea how to get a database that goes back as much as possible to the summer transfer period?
  2. Hi everyone! I didn't know where else I could post this request, but I really don't like the recent 19.1.0 database update, but that's the only database I can choose in my game. Is there any way to get the initial FM2019 database or a version that reflects the data as of July 1st 2018? Thank you and kind regards
  3. Hi, my game crashes on a random date during the second season (16.09.2016). I have uploaded the crash dump file "FM 2016 v16.3.1.789819 (2016.06.05 12.46.35)fredehorn.dmp" to your server. Please let me know if you require any further information. Kind regards
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