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  1. I will be looking forward to see... Liverpool FC My team will be... AFC Liverpool - North Counties League I want my first signing to be... Almost every position - Obviously cant go with any names they will be so unknown
  2. Suitable laptop to play fm12

    Fujitsu AH530 Lifebook Laptop Intel Pentium Dual Core P6200 2.13GHz 2GB RAM 320GB HDD 15.6" HD DVDRW Intel HD Webcam Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit £287.96 inc. vat This is the cheapest on Ebuyer and would run Football manager sufficiently.
  3. Suitable laptop to play fm12

    Don't go to a company such as PC World, Staples or Comet, I would recommend getting one from Ebuyer.com for around about £300.
  4. Furthest you've gone in a save?

    I am in 2034 with Tranmere Rovers, hopefully got many more seasons to go before the new Football manager comes out! In the previous season I won the Carling cup, FA Cup, Premier league and the Champions League. In the current season I have just won the Super cup and Club World Championship. The team is rated 3rd best in the world and I have 6 players in the top 20. Brazil have won the past two World cups.
  5. When your in work and you get stressed because you can't get on the official forums as they were down for a couple of weeks
  6. I got Oliver Nicolas when I was in Blue Square North with Vauxhall Motors. He is the only player to rise through the leagues with my team and eventually become a good premiership player. He scored 14 goals for me in the BSP and got 8 in league 2 from corners. He is now 34 and backup, best signing ive ever made in the lower leagues.
  7. What year are you in?
  8. Who Is Your Oldest Player?

    Signed a 36 year old Rooney on my game. He is still doing the business in the top half of the Premier league
  9. Ive gone back to text because its faster and due to me having less time on my hands. I do watch the replays of the goals so I only miss much of the irrelevant stuff
  10. Longest game ever???

    Got to the 2040s in one of the older FMs, think it may have been CM01/02. I am currently in 2021 in FM2011
  11. Buying better players , frustrating ?

    Invest in younger players that will be more interested to move to a championship club before they get too good or go for older players that will add experience. Once your promoted to the prem it does get alot easier. I usually go for potential wonderkids when the regens appear each year to push on up the table year on year.
  12. The only reason I can think of is whether they are good enough for the reserve team? How big is your reserve squad
  13. I cant imagine it to be really easy to add. It would need thorough testing to make sure it doesn't cause other issues with the match engine. Definitely something that would improve FM2012 because the time wasting is something I have noticed during stoppage time when chasing a goal.
  14. Do you have a physio? I forgot to get one in on my game and I noticed alot of injuries until I brought one in.
  15. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    I got Connor Wickham for 1.9m on my game. Try him