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  1. Bump. I know FM17 is out soon but I'd appreciate a response. Fwiw - they came back the next season within the save.
  2. I've also noticed that players for other clubs aren't impacted by this. So I can see continental stats on their attribute screen. Even players we've got out on loan.
  3. So on the attributes screen for every player, all games are shown in the "season stats" section other than continental stats. When clicking into the history tab for that player the stats are there. Very odd and just started happening recently as I would've noticed it. So a player can average 7.83 through 18(1) when it's actually 7.76 through 26(1) when you look in the history tab. Fwiw - I've tried deleting the cache, reloading the skin, changing skin the default, restarting the game and machine. None of those have resolved it. Thanks
  4. I'm bumping this as it's happening on a different machine that I've installed FM on and that's on 100% rather than zoomed. Any ideas? obviously tried amending the size as per the previous suggestions
  5. thanks for that. I think I've done something with the archiver in the past but figured using the folder from a custom skin could be a workaround.
  6. Ahh, sorted it! Andromeda BLK 2 has the folder, adding it to my setup has corrected the problem. Thanks for your help.
  7. Downloaded multiple skins and none have that folder. Can't quite get to grips with the archiver. Would you be able to take a look please?
  8. Ohh my bad. I'll take a look. Could I not use the base skin Michael setup? or do none of the skins have that goalkeeeper folder?
  9. in version 2.2 it's not, only numbers and outfield folders. What version are you looking at? and is it the same path as above? graphics/pictures/kits/2d/
  10. as I mentioned, there isn't even a folder there for this skin for goalkeepers.
  11. can anyone help with this? thanks.
  12. Hi all. I've seen this problem with outfield players and resolved it before. But I've spotted it's happening with keepers. See below. It also happens in other screens such as the in game formation for the other team. Any ideas? C:\Users\Luke\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\skins\base16_dark\graphics\pictures\kits\2d there is an outfield folder but nothing for goalkeepers so I'm kinda lost as to what to try. Thanks
  13. Hi Michael, any reason this would happen when adding your mod? conflicting with something perhaps?
  14. no worries, thanks anyway
  15. No but when I change it to boxes/custom/match/action bar/paper then the instant result becomes hidden / dissapears altogether. Strange. As though it's controlling a layer on top of the button.