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  1. "Adaptive" Assistant Managing: So, the coach meetings wherein our Assistant Managers give us their ideas for tactical instructions in upcoming matches are neat, I guess, then after a while, mostly just annoying and ignored. A couple things I notice about current state: 1. You know what you're getting when you recruit an Assistant Coach (mentality, favored formation etc.) 2. He will tend to recommend these styles no matter what. For instance, you can win 20 on the trot in a 4-2-3-1, and he'll still tell you for your upcoming match against *insert bad team* you should switch all your tactics and play whatever his favored formation is. Now a little bit is solvable, in that you can just find an assistant coach that matches your style. But a). that's much much easier said than done and b). what's the point of just having a "yes" man? Assistant coaches who actually observe, are capable of "learning," and adapt along with you while suggesting tweaks instead of constant tactical overhauls would be amazing.
  2. More specific "Run at Defense" instructions. Perhaps from the opposition instructions screen. Single out an injured DM or a FB on a yellow card, for instance, and tell player(s) to run at that specific player, as opposed to the overall team instruction.
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