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  1. I would like to see more 'events' on the pitch. Things such as; 1) When you win a very important match, the subs and staff run onto the pitch to embrace the triumphant players. Only major finals obviously. This isn't likely to happen away to Barnsley. 2) Players NOT celebrating after scoring against one of their favoured clubs. I had Paul Wotton for Norwich City, and despite being born in Plymouth and playing for his entire career, and having them as his favoured club, after he scored a free-kick against them for Norwich he 'kissed his (Norwich City) badge and thumped the air'. Unlikely. 3) When scoring away, players running over to the away fans (I don't actually want to SEE the fans, just have them run over one point of the pitch._ 4) Flair players doing over the top celebrations, such as messing with the corner flag or even jumping into the crowd. I don't want these every game or anything, but once in a while would be neat.
  2. I'd like relegation to be more devastating. Currently playing in the Championship and Tottenham and Middlesborough are topping the table. Tottenham haven't lost a game. Whilst i reckon that's a fair reflection of where they would be if they were to be relegated, Tottenham have only lost Defoe to Everton, and despite having an ENOURMOUS wage bill are still listed as being rich. Boro haven't sold a single player. Are you telling me Berbatov, Lennon, Robinson, Yakubu, Boateng, and Downing would all spend a season in the Championship. NO chance, it would be like when Juve were dumped into Serie B. Also, a minor cosmetic: When a player scores against one of his favoured clubs, could he just turn and walk back to the centre circle like Rio Ferdinand did when he scored against West Ham? I signed Paul Wotton from Plymouth, he was born in Plymouth, and played for them almost his entire career. 2 months after signing for me he scores a free-kick AT PLYMOUTH and 'kisses his badge and thumps the air', running over to the crowd. Unlikely.
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