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  1. Sorry if my idea has came up but 36 pages is a lot. My idea is nothing big but i would like to see more facts/milestones on players or even teams, e.g - if "player A scores against Team B today, it will be his 25th goal against them since joining Team A in 2005". And "It will be the first time ever these two teams histories have met in the league/cup" Things that commentators would say now and again. These little touches make the game a bit more realistic imo. Also why not have inbuilt challenges in the game? You email SI with your best challenge (e.g- Dafuage's challenge)and say the 5 or so who are the best get put in the game and all you do is click the challenge button at main menu and choose from the 5, and maybe new challenges should be put in with every offical SI update.
  2. Ok sorry if theres any repeats but reading nearly 27 pages of threads aint good for your eyes. I would ike to see some more board room interactions(e.g - maybe monthly meetings where you can discuss what players your interested in signing who are on your shortlist, but if a player has a high rep and has no chance of signing for you the board get disappointed and feelyour making a joke out the the club) probably a dumb idea but something along that line would be magic. player/manager interactions. would be good i would like to see more talk with international managers saying that you believe that player x is worthy of a call up to the national side as he has been putting in quality performances for your club. or maybe even slate the national managers decsion to call up a player who is past it (i.e beckham for example) and the obvious ones less bugs in game and a bit more realism as well.
  3. I cant find it on that website you put it on, from what i seen by these threads your tatics work a treat, would you be able to tell me what the actual file is called on that website? (sorry to ask) great thread tho
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