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  1. also the game gives you no option to cancel a contract offer if a player fails his work permit as the player automatically signed the new contract after it said the work permit had failed
  2. He is never going to get called up for italy so will never pass a work permit, Guess I'm going to have to sell now hopefully I can get a big fee for him. Got him on a free anyway
  3. I'm currently in 2020 and have left the EU, I renewed the contract of an Italian midfielder that I have and he failed his work permit because he hasn't played for Italy recently but he will never get picked because he isn't good enough what am I meant to do now as he can't play because he doesn't have a work permit? thought players already at the club will not need a permit as they are classed at not foreign we i left EU
  4. I was 3-0 up at 59 mins. What should I change to hold out for a lead? they scored 3 goals in 10mins to make it 3-3 oh and also I miss a penalty like i do all the time because my player just sends it down the middle
  5. It depends what kind of save i'm doing if I'm honest I'm currently doing a Forest green save got them promoted from conference and survived one season in league 2 got 8th place 1 point off playoffs. I didn't get alot of money spend so Free players are pretty much all I will buy I have brought in 7-8 new players this season to strength what I was lacking last season some good players were released Although this season I had a bit of money to spend because just before I started my first league 2 season Man city released a player called "Rodney Kongolo" decent player for most championships sides he didn't want to join me at first but I talked to him and persuaded him to join. I knew he would not stick around for long he was my rock infront of the defense anyway he had a release clause of 525k Derby swooped in and matched it and he was gone got a good season out of him though.
  6. Oh yeah I didn't notice someone said if the club was sold they would wipe the debt completely
  7. Vanarama national league conference alot of the teams are evenly matched games every 2 days only 5 subs max.
  8. I would it's pretty fun pretty frustrating at times Find my self drawing alot a few games recently I have been 1-0 up but they have equalized late on,was 2-1 up against sheff wednesday who were first Gary hooper scores in the 88th minute to make it 2-2. I'm starting to change my instructions and formations etc to try and close the game out more as thats where I keep throwing away 3 points I think that the embargo might not be lifted since they are heavily in debt in real life think I last checked they was 170million in debt but that was in 2015 and can't find the figure now. Also you will find that the club isn't making alot of money at all you will lose money every month spend about 800k a month on wages and the money you make back from sales etc isn't enough to cover them so you will be losing money. The only reason the club is in profit for the moment is I'm kind of cheating by bailing the club out just giving them 1m every now and again to keep us afloat as I don't need a point deduction right now also just to note I have found out the answer the transfeer embargo will lift at the end of the 2015/2016 season provided I comply with the FFP at the end of the season
  9. Hi there i was wondering if anyone knows when Boltons transfer embargo will be lifted in game I'm in January now and it still hasn't been lifted off me the club is also in profit so i was wondering if there is a set date when it should lift i'm currently sat 16th in the Championship been a bit of a rough ride
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