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  1. Ah sorry posted a reply here yesterday, not sure what happened to it. Anyway I uploaded the save to the FTP as samak3_IOError. But I also reverted to an earlier resave and haven't had an issue since. I had just made it to right after the first cup since I started (so a little under a year) and it's a new PC (bought about two months ago) so I'm sure there's room for the save.
  2. I'm sure there's enough space - it's a PC I bought just about a month ago. It's a game I started about a week ago and I'm a year into it - the cup first playoffs just ended. I transferred the save game over (samak3_IOerror). Hope that helps.
  3. This exact same thing just started happening to me and I got the game about a week ago. Any idea why it might be happening to me now with what I'm almost positive is the latest update?
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