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  1. Young player news stories We have all seen stories in the gossip columns and on social media about young players who have scored a high number of goals, or who are being linked to a move to a bigger club. These stories should be replicated in the game, including replays of wonder goals that they have scored – as we see on Facebook every day. The youth aspect of FM is still under-utilised, and it would be great to see this expanded by bringing these players to the fore. Youth/schools trials The best way for clubs to secure young talent in real life is to host schools events, where potential talent is assessed and recognised early. A system that pays attention to catchment areas aand the increasingly early identification of young talent would help you find the nation’s next superstar and nurture their talent, before the competition beat you to it. Technically this only needs to be an addition to the 'host trial day' function, where you could select their age limit. U21/U18 manager Many coaches and managers have made their name by leading youth teams to glory while honing their own skills. It is about time that we were able to apply for jobs as the U21 or U18 manager of a team, working under the main manager to develop young players, help identify talented targets who can be honed for the future, and building our own reputation as we go. This would add longevity to the game – will you stick around, hoping that the first team manager will leave (or be fired) so that you can get your chance at glory; will you leave your beloved club to forge your own fortunes; or will you leave an over-performing league club for the chance to work with the future superstars currently occupying the reserve team of a team in the highest league? Creating a fanfare Speculation about player and manager transfers run on for weeks and are subject to intense media scrutiny. While updates in recent years have made a nod towards this, they haven’t gone nearly far enough in adding an immersive realism. I propose the following: • When we create a manager, we fill out their past experience. We should be able to pick the position that we played in, and who we played for, and when we played for them – the rest can still be randomised. This way, the game can generate more in-depth appointment stories (e.g. “Joe Bloggs has been appointed as West Ham manager. The former Hammers defender, who made 143 appearances for the club, takes the position after retiring from professional football last year. He spent his last season with Exeter City, scoring 2 goals…” • Players should speak out more often about a move that they want, and their reasons for the move (e.g. has their current manager upset them, is the new club the one that they supported as a kid, are they frustrated with a lack of appearances at their current club, do they hate a player at their current club – offering the potential to create rivalries) Talking to players While the game has added the function to speak to players before making them a contract offer, anyone who has played with a team outside the top league will know that this is all but pointless. Agents and assistants should inform you of any issues that a player might have about moving to your club – as well as how these could be overcome (e.g. “Wayne Rooney isn’t sure about living in Truro – answer, you discuss with him/buy him a house/allow him to live elsewhere, but with a restricted training routine). Also, if you have secured a warchest for a lower league club, you should be able to tell older players that you can give them one last big pay day. This would stop the conversations just running into the usual “I’m not interested in your club” brick wall.
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