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  1. Increasing Potential of Players In real life some player just develop their abilities more than their potential. Like Simeone did to Atletico players. But in the game no matter how well the player plays it's abilities and potential just doesn't change. I yhink a players potential might increase at least slightly after playing very well for a long time. In the game i like playing with small teams. First year i got Deportivo and i won the league title. That was an amazing season but since the players' abilities didn't change too much i had to build a new squad. In real life, for an example Leicester City, doesn't want to build a new squad. Because last year their players' abilities has increased very well. I think this would make game much more realistic.
  2. Well i registered to forum just to write this (actually found the forum while looking for a thread like this). A. Enhanced Player Talk: 1.Lowering Wages In football manager we have just very little things to say to players. Well i am from Turkey, and here we have some clubs with bad financial situations. I wish we were able to ask the player to lower his wage. For an example i most of my time rule Fenerbache. Even the club doesn't go down, it is in debt over 200 million euros. Team has some cool players like Nani and Robin van Persie but their wage is too high for me. Maybe the money we give them isn't too big when you compare it to English Clubs etc. but i simply don't want to lose any more money. So i have to sell Robin van Persie and Nani. When i try to sell them they don't want to go. If we were able to ask them to lower their wage probably if they wouldn't agree they would want to leave the club and i wouldn't have to fight with one of the superstars of the club. 2.Less Arrogant and More Logical Players In real life we have only one Zlatan but in football manager there are thousands of Zlatans. I can understand a decent player's wish to become a starter in the team but a striker with 9 finishing can't get mad at me because i didn't put him in Champions League squad. If you won 2 of 2 domestic cups in your first season. Players at least youngsters should respect you more. 3.Wanting a Player to Leave I wish that there was a chance to do that. In my first year at Fenerbahçe i transferred Bryan Ruiz from Sporting Lizbon. Well he was good in league but he was bad in Champions League and there was a younger player i had in my team. So i wanted to sell him at the end of the season. But he didn't want to leave. I wish that i was able to tell him that i am not going to start with him. He was not going to be even in the squad. He waited for one more season. Then his contract ended. 4. Consulting to Players about transfers I let one of my players to go Milan. The player wasn't even in my first 18. But after he got transferred other players got mad at me. I think this should be only for really good players. I mean even after i let Robin Van Persie go the others didn't care. Why would they go crazy for a rotation player instead Persie? That should be arranged better. I wish we were able to ask a player if he has any advices for the team or any problem if we have let go a player. With this we wouldn't have to struggle with unhappiness after letting a player go. B.More Logical Transfers and Respect To Success by Players In my first year at Fenerbahçe (waited until almost the end of season then added a manager as me,so this is the second year of game) we weren't even in the Champions League groups. We played playoffs, i eliminated Chelsea. Then we finished first above PSG in the group stage without any loss. Got Olympiakos next round. Easy win. Got Milan at Quarter Finals. Lost 3-1 in Milano turned the round with my tactical intelligent in Istanbul with 3-0! Unluckily got Barcelona at Semi Finals and they won both matches with 1-0's. And i got the league tittle and the domestic cup. But my crazy player wanted to leave the club when Sampdoria made him an offer! :mad: :thdn: Players should want to be where success is. After qualifying Semi-Finals in Champions League, a player should want to stay in that club. I do not underestimate Sampdoria. I don't really know the club but like the club because of Cassano . But they weren't in Champions League level in my save. I can understand a players wanting to go Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munih, Juventus but how can a player want to go a club that isn't regularly in CL... :thdn: And yelling at me like i am nothing to leave the club WTF, for sampdoria, really? :mad: C. Better Paying Debts and Donating Fenerbahçe has lots of debts. I try to minimize my expenditures to reduce it. But even we have fresh money the president of the club doesn't pay the debts with the fresh money i had. He pays small amounts of money each month instead. I wish we were able to tell them that we will not use the money in our Transfer budget. It would have been great. In two transfer windows my debt would be gone. I also wish that we could donate the wage we have to the club. Of course not all of it. %70 of it sounds good for an example and the rest is for our own expenditures. At least that money would be something useful. That's it for now. I will write as soon as i get another idea.
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