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  1. hi, I`m running on lower settings, and i dont have any programs in backgrounds, I have mcafee as antivirus
  2. Hello guys, I know this is not the right thread but I've just bought fm 16 and I'm having problems with in match lag and highlights delay..... Please can you address me to any solutions? Thanks
  3. Hello guys, I know this is not the right thread but I've just bought fm 16 and I'm having problems with in match lag and highlights delay..... Please can you address me to any solutions? Thanks
  4. I think it's a good idea to get something like that, because after all football its even that , and with all that good stuff we have about tactics, plus this will be a complete help..... I personally relate to guidetofootballmanager about team talk and players interactions, but there is still something to talk about.....
  5. I would suggest, if is possible, to have a thread to talk about the psychology of the game, I mean, suggestions about team talk, press conference players interactions, and stuff like that, if this is not the right section sorry, but it would be helpful to have tips about that part of the game, it makes a huge difference I noted..... Thanks
  6. Hello guyes, how would you asses a player performance in a match according to his rate, I mean anyone 6,5 is not good, 6.6 -7.2 average, 7.3 +good? Thanks
  7. Guys, because I love to play with a dlf, what is most important attributes for him? Strong and taller rather than dribbler and passing minded? Thanks
  8. My post wasn't actually moaning the fact ththat the AI is countering, I just realized that in the second half the pitch is bad, and because of that my style need a change, so I was wondering if is a real fact that happens or it's a bug, probably I missed explain very well.......
  9. Hi guys did never happened that when start a match and you check the pitch condition, is very good and the second half is bad? It's happening so many times, AI is trying all to beat me, but when happen that I straight change the passing to more direct and they get smashed, but if I don't do I often lose ball and they go on counter and hit the net
  10. Another stupid question.......Let say I set up a preseason of 4 weeks, that means in those 4 weeks I should have a full squad match fit ?or they ll have problems during the season and even they ll perform much better
  11. as I did preseason, and by the way I was experimenting it, I set it on team cohesion only, and they werent fit before the season started, then I had injuries during the season, but in another save if i put fitness I get injuries during the preseason, ans to be honest I dont really know.....So let say I set up 50 match training on tactics and high on fitness, no focus, when should I decide to change to team cohesion? and How should I manage friendly and condition?thanks
  12. I have question, if you fai to have a good preseason, is possible that during the season get many injuries? I mean bad preseason= players dont get fit befero season start
  13. this is my formation and roles, but I start the mentality according to the opponent and keep the shouts as follows http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o540/Daniele_Del_Piano/Tattiche_%20Generale%20Generale-2_zpsfz9ie5fy.png I took away the offside trap whe I choose lower mentaity as individual instruction I ask the gk to pas short to defenders, fb left to stay wider and run wider while the wm in front of him stay central and cut inside, the opposite on the other flank as the winger is wider and the fb right act as inverted full back, the box to box go further forward and move into channels
  14. Thanks ,as soon I get it I'll post everything, as I think that I create something good, but still I don't know if is just luck or if is going to last for long
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