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  1. Ok yes i admit the journeyman save is rather over done, however given the facts that A i'm board and B i've never done one before i though, "why not give it a go". So what sets mine apart from the norm? Well admittedly not a whole lot but the fact that i have all levels of competition from 35 different nations in 5 different continents, so it's gone global and i am not restricted to just Europe. yeah you are right that is alot of leagues.... and who is this man that will bring himself inter continental glory? here he is, a not too long out of school 20 year old *cough* should of been 18 *cough* with no badges or prior experience of the pro life ready to set sail on this lifelong journey. As you see i haven't invested in any coaching attributes and flung it all over to mental and pouring the few points i had in adaptability, you don't expect me to learn Hebrew or Arabic on 1 do you? Apart from that not a whole lot unusual about me/him. yes i am a Millwall supporter and yes i've herd all them jokes before. There where less jobs than expected available to me few in Asia, few in Europe and that was really about it, oh almost forgot 1 Brazilian and Columbian job but they told me in the interview my job was easy and involved putting packages in dark places so i thought best not. however there where a number of jobs that stood out to me including South Korean teams Daegu and Incheon both of whom turned my down after interviews than there was a lot of Irish side offering me interviews but i didn't go because i feel i wanted to start away from Europe. then i realized most Asian nations if not all where already a quarter to half way through there seasons at our start which was the English one. several Chinese sides rejected me before this happened... second tier Indonesian side Persatu Tuban, sounds more like head wear than a team but hey ho off to there i go. so off to Indonesia on £110 a week a comfy salary for this part of the world. here's the league table string of recent results we inherited that lead us to be top of our group and knocked out of the national cup. also on the note of us coming here think i should talk about how this league works plus any weird rules, ok here goes. So the 2nd tier is separated into 4 groups the top 2 of each go to a second pair of groups which the top 2 of each get promoted and finally 1st in each fight for overall first and 2nd in each fight for 3rd place. as for rules nothing other than Indonesian only players. doesnt look like a whole lot of building we got to do if this is the results we got, however the squad could potentially be a financial problem. what i meant by the above was the amount of players we have that will probably not get game time because i'm not a huge squad rotator and i like smaller squads. and here's the maiden tactic a counter 4-4-2. ok bad news unfortunately there are gonna be no games this update and its time to round this one off but i will come back after every in game month to evaluate it so next update will be up until the last game of august. and last but not least here's the games i will be doing for next update. but anyways guys thank you so much for reading this and stay tuned for more......
  2. ok i need help with how to get the promotion playoffs to work. not normal ones in these playoffs. ok so example there are 5 sub leagues that only have 3 promotion spots between em so the play inter league playoffs to decides who gets promoted. how do i do this
  3. basically as above says i need a kit and logo for my team which is heath rangers, Blue and white colors preferably. thanks i will credit you on twitter, twitch and YouTube even if i have a tiny following but least i can do if you help me.
  4. oh ok i found what to do thanks dude finally got what you meant
  5. yes i already tred but say itll only load like 500 players teams etc at a time and im planning to do a completely rebuilt game with custom continents countries teams players etc
  6. hey guys im new to the whole YouTube scene sooooo yh don't expect much. im doing this post to, A help grow my channel and B get feedback from you guys on what to do, advice etc. Here is the link to it encase your interested ............. well your on this post why wouldn't you b,.( www.youtube.com/channel/UCjXpR5tLTTlpRO7MEferTJA ). I currently have 3 series on the hob 2 active 1 waiting to be launched a quick run down of these series can be found below. so thanks guys be sure to have a look and share advice and stuff much appreciated. Montreal Mission - now this isn't FM infact its a Out of the park baseball save were i created 2 teams, did a little editing and fail at being a baseball GM/Coach. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi7uZo4Yn8a59oOn6QhnV19kpr0pwUrlX Manchester city BETA - Like it say this is my BETA save for FM17 Manchester city hoping to get it to 20 episodes before my LLM save gets underway, but hey may run em side by side if it drags on a bit. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi7uZo4Yn8a4E3QwJBhDgv0EcOxweoIMT Dover Athletic - This is going to be my main save, Vera Lynn & the Dover squad helped me launch it and everything. yh if you wanna know what i'm on about check the trailer i uploaded for it. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi7uZo4Yn8a4vjbFnbTDsqIfcaV2af1Fe
  7. yh true i may just do Memorial Ground For the National stadium Good suggestion
  8. As said in the title i need suggestions for names to go into my custom data base that will add the Falklands as a nation in Europe (Just for continental competition purposes) and a 2 tier Football league. Now there are 16 teams altogether who already have names what i need are names for the stadiums, training grounds and any other bits and bobs you can think of and another thing is i would like it if you could keep the suggestions sensible, sadly no Shrek but pounding Community Ground. Also when i put this database up online i will credit every one who made a successful contribution and one last things thanks to every one for putting up with my crap writing. hahaha :lol:
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