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  1. HEy guys, I am reading this thread and it looks to be an interessing carreer. I want to make a career with Bilbao but is it worth it? I am scared to be bored because of the fact that I can't buy players (except basque).
  2. Same, everytime I see team playing, I wanna take them.
  3. Yeah you can, load your save file then click on "FM" top right next to the date and click on Add a new manager, then enjoy!
  4. Hey everybody, so I would like to start a new carreer but I noticed that I never choose my favourite team, I am a chelsea supporter since 1998 but I don't know, I never choose Chelsea because I don't feel it, I am scared it's too easy to win with a team that I fully know. So am I the only one who never choose his favourite team?
  5. Hello guys, I would like to make a new carreer but I am currently hesitating between Southampton or Sevilla, any idea? Thanks.
  6. Hey guys so I am playing with milan ac with 3 defender cause I was 3 wc defenser romagnoli, rugani and goldaniga. ---------------------complete forward-support ---------------------------Trequartista or SS Winger-S---????--dlp-d or cm-d---?????---w-s Def-de----bpd-cover-----def-de -------------------gk you see the two role ??? I don t know what to put, I want an offensive team but I don tvwanna concede goals, I am playing a very fluid tactic inspired also by past milan and pep barca. My two central midfielders are Dele Alli and Abdelhak Nouri, I would like to play Nouri as a roaming playmaker. If you don t agree , what do you advice for him and Dele?
  7. Nation: France, Spain, England, Italy, Portugal, Netherland, Germany Division: Any European Competition: Any Media Prediction: Any Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Any Other: I want a fun carreer, I don't want to be bored too fast. After playing with Parma, Leeds and Atletico, I want a new and fun carreer.
  8. Hello everyone, after playing with Parma, Leeds and Atletico, I am looking for a new team to pick. I want a fun carreer in one of the 6 biggest league in europe. Thank you !
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