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  1. I'm used to see drops in some attributes while gains in different ones. This time I saw only drops in several attributes. I will post a couple of screenshots when I get back home. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Is there a reason why a young player (19 years) will suffer a drop of several attributes (0.4 in two months) without suffering and injury? Before that period, he's been constantly developing. During this period, he's been out with the U-19 nationall team for some tournament. Could this be the reason if he has low adaptability? (just guessing here) His personality is "Professional".
  3. Thanks for the advice! Checked my match history and yes...fast strikers tend to have better match ratings and statistics against us. The offensive side is going really great, as the team creates a lot of goal chances and not only from crosses...great stuff!
  4. I found myself having some troubles with trough balls to strikers attacking the space between the CB and R/L CBs. Is it worth playing with a narrow width to close downs these gaps? O maybe switching the R/L CBs to Stoppers? I was planning to try these changes when I get back home... My back trio is: Kempf-Romagnoli-Süle
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