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  1. i play as international teams quite often but it certainly does make me even more inclined to start international saves when competitions are on. I think the next one i will try is Croatia but not until my Poland one that i'm still enjoying from FM 2015 reaches a natural conclusion.
  2. FM 2016 Jiangsu Suning in china . 12 matches into first season and currently lie 5th out of 16 teams P12 W6 D4 L2 enjoying it and the league has some very good foreigners but not alot of strength in depth. also foreigner rule can be a little difficult. Aim is to finish top 4 and get into Asian champions league next season ( dependent on chinese FA cup winner)Board only want a top half finish this season so looking good.
  3. Great thread. I am in 9 games into my first season as manager of Jiangsu and currently lie 4th . Unbeaten in those 9 matches but only won 4 of them . scoring hasn't been a problem but conceding way too many .Squad depth definitely an issue if 1 or 2 injuries . Enjoying it alot so far.
  4. not sure if its possible but when playing a match in 3d if a match is being played simultaniously that has a baring on yours ( title decider etc) the match in question also comes up in 3d but in a smaller window so we can see the event happen in real time like they do on tv coverage . you could indicate which matches you want updates on on that days fixtures just before you go to match.
  5. The possibility of matches getting delayed due to traffic or conditions for 30 mins or an hour like man utd up at spurs a few weeks back. Ask the premier league to put back a fixture 24 hours or bring it forward due to a big european fixture coming up for your team.
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