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  1. There is your answer and it takes only some introductory level economics to understand why. It's the same reason there is only 1 Facebook, 1 google, 1 AirBnB and so on. They are in a business with huge upfront so-called 'sunk' costs to be made before they can serve their first customer and then next to no marginal costs for every extra customer. The first company to offer a somewhat decent product takes all of the market and if there happen to be two (or more) companies in the market, one of them will be somewhat better/cheaper and this will be the one that pushes all competition out of the market. Economic theory predicts that the survivor will then reap the monopolists profits: they can either (or both) push up the price and offer worse quality. But obviously real life is always a bit more complex. SI do face competition because we could all decide to play call of duty or FIFA. Or we could go watch some live football or read books or whatever. Best of all they have to compete against their past products: if they can't convince the fan base that FM2018 is really worth it, we could just go on play FM 2017. So SI have an incentive not to slacken off too much.
  2. Thanks for all your replies, even though I read them a bit late, they are still helpful as I keep trying to make this tactic better. I tested a few things out based on the replies here but up to now I only got more of the same. I managed to win the Belgian league (by a tiny margin) but the start of the next season isn't going well. I've managed to score a bit more but lost the defensive stability I had. I will have to find some better changes. Summat and and Jorg point to some issues I didn't think about before so I will use this advice as a guidance next. To my own big surprise, I won the euro league last season and I'm doing fine in the first two matches in the champions league this season. Apparently my tactic only works against teams that underestimate me and GIVE me space (so I don't have to create it). The midfield is indeed stacked full with runners. I did that on purpose because I felt that in my previous tactics with a lone striker I found that he was isolated too often. So I chose a role that comes deeper and added lot's of runners in support. If I understand you right this is too much now and I have to find the right balance. You've given me new inspiration, I can go and play some more now
  3. I agree that the best way to go might be a change in my midfield three and also that using a DLP/D might be part of the problem. My main worry is that he probably slows down the game too much (combined with play out of defense). But I like the way in which he recycles possession, is always available for a safe pass and helps me to switch sides. I think it is mainly because of the DLP that I can dominate the midfield as much as I do but it may well be true too that it is because of him that I can't turn that domination into goals anymore. What I also like is that my BBM, CM, RMD and W are all really involved in attacking play and manage to get in the box so the opposition have to worry about a lot of players. If I change one of my central midfielders into a playmaker, I might lose that variability. I'd rather try to go without a playmaker in the center to make the team play a bit more direct. I switch to control or attacking mentality when I see that I dominate the game and that helps to become more dangerous obviously. The better teams in the division do know however how to use the extra space this gives them at my back. So it might be that the way forward is with a player in the DM strata and a higher mentality. But that is where I came from and I couldn't make it work. You have certainly given me a few ideas to experiment with this weekend. Thanks !
  4. Lowering the d-line could help. I'm doing that in Europe sometimes but my European opponents play more attacking anyway than what I get in Belgium. I might convince the likes of Anderlecht and Genk to attack me a bit more and give me some space. Most Belgian teams will probably just keep stubbornly defending though. I'm not convinced about attacking WB's. It's something that I use when my opponents are really pinned down in their own half (always play on extended, I'm certainly not the best to spot issues but this is something that's easy to see). But usually I feel I need them at the back to help my DC's since there is quite a gap in front of them. Whenever I used attacking WB's before (usually in a tactic with a DM) I was horribly vulnerable to crosses, something I was finally able to stop with this tactic. So it's something I do already and it might be worth it to try it more often but I don't think it would work systematically. My WB on the right side (behind the RMD) is already instructed to stay wider. I'm not sure it would help much to have my left WB wider too as the winger in front of him stays naturally wide. Thus I could make him an IF as you suggest. Thought about it before but didn't try it yet. Wouldn't the oppositions penalty area become too congested with the RMD, BBM and CM also running there ? I might try this combined with the suggestion to have the left WB stay wide.
  5. Hi all, I learned a lot from browsing this forum but now I need some extra advice for my tactic (the first I managed to create that really got me some great results). I’m playing at the moment with Club Brugge in Belgium. Now I’m overachieving in the Euro leaugue (just beat Real Madrid 0 – 1 at Bernabeu in the first leg of the semi-final). And I was going great in Belgium too, I had at some point a lead of 14 points and started the championship play-offs (at the start of which points are halved) with a still healthy lead of 6 points. But since then my lead is melting away to 1 point with 3 games to go. Since I’m doing so well in Europe and did well too in Belgium for most of the season, my tactic must be at least half decent. But I suppose that by now even the top teams in Belgium play conservative against me, trying to deny me any space. So what I need are a few tweaks to help me break them down. My tactic looks like this (but I do a few tweaks almost every game): F9(S) W(S) RMD(A) BBM(S) DLP(D) MC(A) WB(S) DC(D) DC(D) WB(S) GK TI: Standard – Fluid – Close down more Play out of defense Don’t know all the PI I have (not at home now), most important my midfield and strikers close down more, the MC(A) is told to take more risks, the right WB stays out wide and the BBM is told to get more forward. The best thing about this tactic is that I almost always dominate the midfield, even against much stronger teams in Europe. The worst thing is that I just can’t get my striker to score. In fact I have never been able to make a lone striker score much so there is really something I’m missing there. I realize that F9 is probably not the best role to make him a goal machine but with the quality of strikers I have I expect more than 1 goal every 3-4 games. Giving him a different role didn’t seem to help much, so the problem might be a lack of support or the quality of passes he gets. As long as my wingers, BBM and MC(A) were scoring a lot (they still do in Europe), I didn’t mind too much. The trouble is that they stopped scoring too at the moment. Thankfully my defense is really stable so against the not so strong teams I can play a bit more aggressive and wider to get a lot of 1 – 0 results. But I don’t dare to go more aggressive against the better teams as I feel that against them I’m not able to dominate the midfield anymore like I used to. So I’m looking for any tips that can help me improve this tactic and regain my good run of form. I’m looking for some simple TI changes or some different roles/duties I might try out.
  6. Antwerp FC in Belgium. They were the last Belgian team to play in a European final (cup winner's cup, so it's quite some time ago). Since then then slipped down and ended up in 2nd division. They were expected to promote back to the first division every year for the last ten years or so and finally made it this season. See if you can do the same with 'the great old'.
  7. If I will ever be able to design a somewhat decent tactic, it will be because of articles like this. I hope it will be added to list of strategy and training guides for easy future reference.
  8. Is there any way to improve the bravery of a player ? I've got a regen AM with real star potential but abysmal bravery and I have the impression that it really hurts his game.
  9. Amen ! 99,99% of those who like FM don't bother to write review (or post on the forums). We'd rather use our scarce time to play the game.
  10. Jimmy, I'm about as far from being an expert as you will find on these forums. So I don't have a clear idea how the fitness coaches exactly work and how many you need. But it seems reasonable to suppose that your fitness problems are related to your going from 3 to 1 fitness coach You have in fact run apretty good experiment (keeping all others things equal) to test the number of fitnees coaches you need. 3 seems to be enough, 1 not. Off course to be scientifically valid you'd need to repeat this test a couple hundred times over. I would advise you to rehire a 2nd fitness coach and see if that improves your situation. If not (enough) go back to three.
  11. Is this really the way SI have implemented this. Then Janitor is correct to say it is redundant. I have always stayed away from automatic duties because I feared they would have some kind of 'under the hood' effect. Specifically I supposed that automatic duty would give more freedom to the individual player like fluid and very fluid do at the team level. In that case automatic would be useful if you have intelligent players.
  12. I came here to ask exactly these two questions. So thanks for answering those even if, in the second case, it only adds to my puzzlement as this is definitely not what I expected from the PI 'move into channels'. In both cases, part of the problem I have is that things get lost in translation between English language forums and my Dutch language game. In the Dutch version the PI "move into channels" is translated to "tussen de linies spelen" which (literaly) translated back into English gives something like "move between the lines". As far as I know when commenters us this phrase in Dutch they DO mean them to move between the HORIZONTAL lines, e.g. between DC and DMC. Likewise "Wingback" becomes "attacking fullback" in Dutch. Thus I really wondered what is the difference between a WB and a FB(A). I suppose there is no dictionary somewhere with exact translations of English FM-terminology in other languages ? My most pressing issue at the moment is to identify the Dutch counterpart of the 'anchorman'. I believe it is the "hangende middenvelder" but I'm not 100% sure.
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