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  1. When i select Match Preview in training it gets deselected, i can though select any other match preparation. What's going on?
  2. I sold this player for 142 mil from polish league to manchester city. Though he had already 20-30 matches when at 21yo and like 40 goals per season in total.
  3. That's not true. I sold player valued at 14 mil for 142 mil total. It depends on their potential etc how much they will spent. Also was rejecting lower values for this player many times, he was happy because he was main player in my team and didn't have any issue with it.
  4. Alessandro Plizzari Carles Alena Daniel Braganca Perr Schurrs Callum Gribbin Vitiniho
  5. I think it could be nice to add any column we want there, and if not add there option to check current scout recommendation. So we can sort it and cancel assignments which are until full knowledge easier. I mean just this view: Currently is hard to view each player, their recommendation, multiple select them and fail it some times and do it all over again.
  6. To be honest from my experience - many young forwards, especially if they only one forward have a really tough time in big matches. Like i have young player scoring 30-40 goals in season and like 0 or 1 in Champions League.
  7. Maybe try Alessio Miceli? Keep in mind he mostly plays in midfield as Carillero in my team, not Segundo Volante but he seems quite fine for it.
  8. Yea, Dario Maresic + Perr Schurrs and you pretty much have central backs for around 15 seasons if you can manage to keep them. If you need one more central back with 5 defenders tactic then Tyrell Warren similar age. I got him from ManU really cheap and he is great too.
  9. Don't know about FM17 but Carles Alena performs in FM18 really well. Also Daniel Braganca looks nice if you nedd more defensive central midfield role.
  10. Yea he is great, i had him in fm16 and he was just awesome.
  11. And if you dont have too much money and need central defender then try Perr Schurrs or Dario Maresic, really good central defenders too.
  12. My two biggest talents at this moment. I mostly play to see how they will be in a few years I just wonder if Rabinak will hit any 20-ish.
  13. Gribbin from ManU, Plizzari from Milan, Alena from Barcelona.
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