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  1. Hi all, looking for an interesting team (I always need interest to get me hooked), with plenty of room to grow, capable of going from where they are to dominating Europe. They could be lower league where the challenge is rebuild or could be top flight where they need to topple a giant/rival. So far I've picked out Bari, Kaiserslautern, FC St. Paul, Magdeburg, Grasshopper Club Zurich, Panathinaikos, FC Lausanne-Sport, Lusitânia Lourosa... Does anyone have any to add or suggestions based on their experience?
  2. This is great and I've been playing around with something very similar with my rbl side. I've struggled with replicating the away setup where he would sacrifice and striker for another midfielder, I've not been able to get the extra stability and counter attacking threat utd would pose (arsenal away springs to mind). How would adapt the tactics to achieve this?
  3. By fluke I've just found it, this has been bugging me for 3 days and as a soon as I post I find the answer For switch players if you click on the player and then press R shoulder by a menu will pop up, for release it will be there, for shortlist that will be there as well
  4. Hi all Recently started.playing my FM on my switch instead of pc/laptop. I can't for the life of me find the following 2 options. How to release a player on a month to month contract and how to add a player to my shortlist. TIA
  5. RBL in Germany has been a go to for me for a few years now, money to build, some good youngsters, a giant to overthrow who will keep taking players away from you and a few other challengers in Dortmund etc to compete with for 2nd place in the first few seasons. It's been a fun save for me recently.
  6. RBL in Germany has been a go to for me for a few years now, money to build, some good youngsters, a giant to overthrow who will keep taking players away from you and a few other challengers in Dortmund etc to compete with for 2nd place in the first few seasons. It's been a fun save for me recently.
  7. Sorry beardymouse but I'm with Davehanson on this, I don't know if disadvantaged is how I'd put it but the way they announce now and the pre order deal thing makes me and others feel like I want to pre order the game now whilst I'm getting some money off. However I dont feel as though I have all the information to make an informed decision yet. I can of course wait but I'll have to pay more for that. SI knows that some people may not order the game if they feel the new features aren't up to much, so instead they offer a pre order incentive without too much information to almost try and tip the
  8. Hi all My suggestion is based on just my thoughts and feelings about where the game is at now and how/where I would like to see it develop in the future. It's also a little about how I've begun to lose the bug for playing career every year and how I've found myself losing the interest to play. I've played some great online games with friends recently, custom DBs and other things and it's been great but as players in our late 20s early 30s with kids, jobs etc we find it difficult to maintain a long term online save. However when I have been able to go online and play against real people I'
  9. Hi Booble, my start date for finland 2016 in blanked out as is every other for the various times of the year, any idea why?
  10. Thanks, it did this http://prntscr.com/aarm89 and this http://prntscr.com/aarmkk to barcelona in the semi of the uefa cup, a game I really didn't expect to get anything out of... I take your point about tielemans and alli, my priority was to improve my inside forwards as neither chadli or lamela were amazing in the second half of the season, and I have got someone in depay who has ripped the league up for 2 seasons and I got Pione Sisto (Pochettino signing) who has showed promise and rich zivkovic who i'm trying to see if I can mould him into one. BUT Pogba is immense and Alli isn't the compl
  11. Hi Folks, beginning of 2017/18 season and I've been in charge of Spurs for 1 season (holiday'd a season and began in 2016/17). Won the prem, the coca cola cup and the uefa cup (i'm old school), and my squad looks good (see links) but needs a little bolstering for the champions league (planning on selling a few players who haven't performed well enough http://prntscr.com/aamql8 http://prntscr.com/aamqzs Here is the shape my players must fit into http://prntscr.com/aapt3v Question is: I have enough to add pogba to the squad for £78 mil, £20 mil signing on and agent fees and £300k per week p
  12. Many of the signings shown on the previous posts are the hot prospects for this years game e.g. Ajer, Zivkovic, Calleri, Balic, Felipe, Tielemens, Diaz... Also currently at the club: Martial, Depay, Shaw, Gribbin, Januzaj...
  13. I would say yes and that's based on what i've seen in this thread alone and my experiences of playing with. It will be tough though but just playing as utd now myself I went to sign a good centre half and a right winger as I dont personally rate Valencia, Young isn't going be decent for much longer and there aren't any academy prospects ready to step up in the next 18 months (Januzaj being the exception) I recommend this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/366111-How-to-Play-FM-A-Twelve-Step-Guide. It is a great place to start to get your mentality, team shape and player role
  14. Nation: Competitive Division: Continentally competitive (or could be) European Competition: Not important - potential to be in contention for a place Media Prediction: Not important Board Expectation(s): Not important Transfer Budget: Something to work with Wage Budget: Something to work with Finances: Something to work with Other: Essentially got bored of playing as man utd, stoke, malaga and a few others I regularly play with for many many years now. I normally have to care about the team I play as in order for me to give it any time. Basically I'm after a project but in many ways a
  15. Hi thanks for this, do you mean make a league, attach it to a country then replace whatever league is currently there so for example make my league, add it to..... scotland for example, then remove the SPL and make my league the top league in scotland and that should mean that my new league takes on the champions league spot and other euro qualification for the SPL???
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