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  1. I will wait until the last patch to buy. This game engine is **** now, too old and too many bug, when you try to fix this one its just pop another one, i dont care about how many useless feature you put in the game if your match engine still bug like hell then its not working at all.
  2. Just see how terrible warcraft 3 reforge is. All gaming company are now doing the same thing, Ea, bethesda, activison blizzard, 2k...all they care is money and they put zero effort in develop their game. Year after year its getting worse. Nba 2k20, fifa 20, madden 20, wwe 20 all are garbage . Im smelling something like that in SI now with this year release. I dont want my favorite series become an unplayable piece of crap. Please make up your mind and do right thing SI
  3. see, they try to fix it but just make it worse, now fm 2019 flashback lol. Just change the engine already please
  4. I thinks its time to create a new match engine. This engine is too old and now all your fix just make it worst, fix this bug another bug appear, and on and on and on.
  5. i currently cannot play any other game right now, boring waiting for the hotfix man, let me take my hull to champion league plzzz
  6. This game on steam, and Steam only refund for 2 hours gameplay. I think for FM, player need at least 200 hours to ACTUALLY know the game bad or not. I bet alot of player in this forum want a refund lol
  7. So i just check on both fm 19 and fm 20 (using FMRTE) - fm 19 Phil Foden have 12 Consistency and 8 important matches - fm 20 Phil FOden have 1 Consistency and 1 important matches to make sure Fmrte doesnt have any bug i load 2 save on both games the scout in fm 19 have nothing say about the consistent of Phil, but in Fm 20 is a RED LINE which is horrible So there definitely an attribute bug in game currently really SI?
  8. so i just check my team and some other England team for the determination, its kinda low honestly, there still some from between 13-20, but mostly are 1-9, i know lot of them are randomize, but its seem too much low determination. For me its not affect so much cause i usually like to develop newgen
  9. still think we need to improve the one on one sisuation. Its look horrible honestly, that my only complain at this point of ME, everything else just on point
  10. damn i love the new ME update, Jarrod Bowen as an IF is dribbling and cut inside like a real IF, and the wing back cross is way more realistic!
  11. the public beta solved the ridiculous accurate long pass from player, good job. I see way less long pass than before, defender deal with long ball better. My Advanceplaymaker actually create some through ball foward, look really nicea But its seem like there too many fouls and freekick ofc course. i think they need to reduce that
  12. look at this idiot , Mr Gotts who have 2 teammates near him, team play short passing, he have no pressure and NOPE, he pass the ball all the way to the left for Bowen who have absolutely no chance to received that pass What the actual freak? please reduce the amount of long sideway passing from defender and midfield, its ridiculous
  13. agree that the center play are LOT better than last year, my tactic work as i think, the only problem as i said there are too many long pass from Defenders
  14. yeah right, my tactic again... when i said playing control posseision, short pass, play out of defense, lower tempo my DC ( set to less risk, short pass) have the ball, and literally IN FRONT OF HIM IS A TEAMMATE, no he blast the ball 50 yards forward. For more info, he have zero traits so yeah it is my tactic i guess
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