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  1. 1) option when you can shortly comment on another people (like it was before) . comment over sacking of fellow manager, hiring fellow manager, etc. etc.. limitless options for FM creators here ! 2) option when you can firstly negotiate contract with player AND THEN negotiate transfer price 3) club is who hires sporting director, not manager.. so u want dynamics ? dynamics is when your team is playing badly, they hire sporting director . your newcoming players playing bad ? sporting director (AI)will asses possible reinforcements and club agree or disagree 4) complete revamp and imrpovement social life - players react via twitter on recent games.. (like batshuaiy always comments chelsea game and many more players) 5) more logical trasnsfers of players who dont have starting XI status for so long, so their demands for contract with new club shouldnt be ridiciously bigger than actual contract 6) more dynamics inside dressing room like players dispute over penalty taking (yea neymar vs cavani isnt the only case) 7) trainig is good but id like to see some more breakdown of the actual regimes for example attacking training breakdown for another actions like ball controll at the final third of the pitch, shooting outside of the area, etc etc (i know its complicated) 8) cancel those not important stats like arrows about passing and shooting. i know its real but honestly who check that ? 10% of players ? 9) different stats which are more important like - number of wins and loses with particular player in starting XI. and more those kind of stats ! its pretty obvious that i wanna know for example if i am succesful with 433 or 4231 when i am using two or one defensive midfielder , etc etc etc.. limitless options for creators here as well ! 10) i wanna see what team instructions i used in previous matches (tempo, passing, defenive line etc etc) - i must use notebook and archive this manualy.. 11) decrease amount of stupidly unhappy players like hazard when suitor like bayern munchen comes..when hazard is playing , when chelsea is on top and fighting for CL, why leaving in january !! STUPID ! make it right ! 12) better and deeper analysis of training. who trained how good how bad (attitude wise) 13) generaly more interaction options all over the game.. give us mouths... give us speech... THANK YOU
  2. lol its not that. ive tried that long time ago. i have same res. in the game and on the desktop and its not working .
  3. Hello, let me input my thoughts about improving EHM.- It was fantastic job to ressurect the game. i bought early access version as well and i hope my list will be also viewed. SALARY CAP CHART SCREEN , it would be lovely to shorten gap between team and number . its far away from each other. INTERACTIONS WITH TEAM, WITH WORLD talk to team during every break , talk to media , talk to player(s). its clear you guys wanted this game look a bit same as football manager, so it would be great to add this functions, because the game suffers from bored clicking to the next match over and over again.. as GM, i want to discuss rumours, praise players, speak with board, speak with scouts, held press conferences. create as much additions to GM´s life , so one season wont be too short.. as you can see here, some guys are already in 2025.. its not good imho. i want to play "slowly" even if my matches are in "fast" mode... i want to issue daily topics,stuff... TRADES are still unpolished in case of "enquiry" and my assistant opinion.. at the end of season where 3 of my players were above 60 points, many teams said they dont see anyone interesting in my roster ... im pretty sure hoffman, or ryan should do better than in Ottawa (and its my beloved club). but i know it takes time and trying. im just pointing out.. PRESS NEWS AFTER SOME GAMES. when outsider beats favourite, when some player continues his hot/cold streak, match controversy, fights.. tuns of those short news are welcome and would be nice. !!!LOCAL NEWSPAPERS!!! GM should be in close watch from columnists (critise/praise trades, free agents additions, talking to players who gave their interviews. ALT-TAB bug , i have problems to get back from windows to the game when in game and press alt-tab.. i have black screen only. NHL = STATS,STATS,STATS - please bring MORE stats like Hits, Blocked shots, game winning goals at players, at goalies now i cant rememebr if there some key stat is missing. i will check later. ROSTER SCREEN-SELECTION VIEW - when you click "selection" . you should be able to see scoring stats at your players names. it would be huge time saver. ROSTER SCREEN-LEGENDS - coloured circle (legend) on the left of the name for better player recognition (at other teams too). Like - defensive defensman/forward, offensive defensman/forward (all from bio-report). (make something new in contrast with football manager, i think t would be benefical). TACTICS - create small pictured legends for users to see how my player will scattered for example furing powerplay, when playing funnel, diamond, triangular.. i know this, but maybe not everyone is familiar with it. as well as simple text legend to every key word in tactics (of course as in football manager...) TRAINING - create some actractive stuff to each training regime. for example. in shooting regime i want further choices like "shoouts" "shooting from blue line" ... you got me ? and bring these more choices to every regime. like at "fitness" create for example "cicling" "medicineball" .. etc.. QUICK STRATEGIES - during match , make quick buttons for changing powerplay, penalty kill tactics (for example change from tight box to large box, because when u trail 1-2 and 3 mins to the end, you want your team to get puck and try to attack). So quick button for lets say 5-6 tactical aspects would be handy. I hope my ideas arent so bad and i will be back for updating it when i have some proper time to play this game... Each updates are appreciated. Dont need new instalment each year, but every update for each year (rules changes, new rosters, new jerseys, etc) are more welcome than whole new game... Thanks for reading and hard work and best of luck ! Mike
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