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  1. Hello, There is a miss translation of this window. Phrases are in english and spanish. Thanks!
  2. Hi, after the update, i'm not getting the same money from friendlys, passed to get 20.000€ (aproximatley) to 2.000€-4.000€ (aproximatley), is there any kind of bug ? Cheers.
  3. There are Extra Preliminary FA CUP Rounds with 7-8-9-10 levels ? TY Keep Up The Good Work.!
  4. Hey Dan, with the level 11-12 file, will you edit the fa cup, fa vase, fa thropy, isthmian and counties cups ?
  5. Until what point is the patch playable ? And what is missing to finish it ?
  6. Hello @Dan BHTFC! How many updates you do wan't to release ? Any other after the next update with new leagues and cups ?
  7. Hi ppl! I have a lil problem with the patch. I have the last ver. of foot man and the last ver. of the patch, all correct, 0 bugs etc. Mi brother have the 16.2 ver of foot man, and he tries to play that patch, but with 9.0.1 ver and 9.0.2 don't work, England didn't appear in the league selection with new game. He used only 1 patch (that patch) and still not appear England. That patch didn't work in 16.2 with both versions ? Btw great job, i enjoyed a lot! PS sorry for my english
  8. Hello! I have a saved game with this patch in the version 9.0.1, im in mid november, and have some crashes in certain dates, is just subscribed to the 9.0.2 version, can i play with my saved game with the 9.0.2 version ? O I just begin a new game with 9.0.2 version ? Sorry for my english
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