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  1. what did you set your adaptability too? i recently had a save, after 8 years of winning everything and feeling like i was just going through the motions til youth intakes and transfer markets wanted to try England out. i added a manager maybe 20 times, trying to force them to try me. got laughed out every time because my adaptability was 3...
  2. i had this myself, got told it is probably a lack of adaptability. i usually set it to the least possible,as i dont change teams
  3. i would go the preferred move option, if he is that good to adapt the team to could train him to look for long passes if that is an option, or cross early and put his aim to center? failing that a dlp in front of him and a bpd next to him would let them be more aggressive while he covers, or take a right winger that doesnt need to track back? plenty of options
  4. i usually wait til they make a complaint as sometimes they are just slow to new signings or forget if they get a game or 2
  5. yeah, that is a big difference. if any of them dont have the potential to improve, or wont get the playing time required to do so i would scale down quantity for quality how many wingers do you have? is it a big squad?
  6. a lack of quality depth is just that. they dont consider your back up players to have quality what star ratings are you looking at? if your 1st choice are 5's and the other back ups all 2 for example, that could be considered a problem end of the day, you can always just tell players you are happy and you make the choices. but if there is a huge difference i would personally get rid of the 2 weakest and spend there wages on a player considered an improvement
  7. having 3 strikers sucks though. unless you have a front 3, would start retraining 1 or 2 now otherwise they will never all get playing time to develop. hard enough to introduce 1 striker into a team and balance getting him experience on the pitch and keeping results going well
  8. never know, a couple of good results could come if teams underestimate you at the start. if you are a low enough threat (reputation) even some of the other bottom teams could ignore your chances and go all out, you could get some really big scores going direct... hope you stick with it, even if you do go back down
  9. would of been nice if it was included in one of the other categories, could make a good argument towards it being a crucial part of the final third play not a problem to schedule an attacking wings once a week, just seems odd to make everyone train for a couple of players
  10. i havent had that close a title race since fm17 i think it was looks great, playing as Liverpool can drag when no one gets near you
  11. i have this with liverpool. i only had 1 at the start of the first season, at the start of second season the new position appeared. cant employ anyone for it though
  12. yes, i just said that... in game the player waves his arms, and commentary tells you if that is why he got booked. its not like they show them throwing punches or pushing, that would obviously be stupid
  13. the argueng and being booked for is in the game. it even has its own ppm
  14. positional versatility is an attribute in the editor, that doesn't effect CA right? so in terms of what effects a players ability to train a new position, as the OP asks, that is what effects it surely? i was always led to believe training a new position eventually rebalances attributes to the ones being trained, over a few seasons?
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