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  1. any future updates?

    cheers. i'll stick with my fm17 save for a few more months, seasons take me so long i'm still not too far in lol
  2. will there be any further updates to this game? at the moment i am still preferring to play fm17, for numerous reasons should i give up on this, or is there any chance of it? not sure there is much hope of any major changes now?
  3. best description of changes teams ever!
  4. Transfers are a joke

    is Pogba older? I find whatever the player, if they are at there supposed prime and over 25 i never get the bigger offers the entire system needs replacing imho, people have had this issue for a decade, maybe longer...
  5. i dont doubt that you guys give as much info as humanly possible, so the fact you provide stand capacities is something i would expect , thanks for your corner example, surely if i expand a stadium by 12,000 surely it would make sense to fill that corner in, even if that just changes a bog standard ground with no corners to one that does? or evidence of an upgrade in commercial facilities or something? ANYTHING that shows an effort that doesnt involve supposed upgrades to the fans tops etc i understand asking for more effects on the ball of muddy pitches, or sand and gravel if you use the editor is too much to ask for. but for something so easily adaptable like changing a ground template for corners or fancy seats? that isnt too much
  6. or at least not put park benches in all the grounds... lol i think the argument for being sued is a pretty poor excuse for not bothering. its not like they would ever be recognisable, because SI just wouldnt make them that well. but something simple like being the right shape, and having certain things editable to allow a better feel to the game should be easy. god, there were games that could do that 20 years ago
  7. i would of brought them in myself, just to stop anyone else taking them! that striker looks like something you make with the editor, amazingly balanced
  8. seen a few posts about this, in different leagues and countries try reporting in the bugs forum if you can. it never seems to make a difference but at least you tried
  9. Scouting

    ignore the other leagues loaded and stick to locals? might be a little harder, but gaurantees brexit wont cripple your team, scouts stay local so are cheaper and quicker loan market may help get a better player for a season before you establish yourself in the league and are taken more seriously check any players relegated from championship that could be available cheap
  10. those 2 threads contradict each other. first says a hoyd DOES NOT effect a players position the second states that he can, as well as the type of player. i dont think it is wrong for him to ask for clarification, considering no one seems to agree. its almost as if no one really knows how this game works, and it has just had new bits added with no consideration of what was already there...
  11. assuming the tactic isn't hit and hope, he has at least 3 reasonable if not risky options 1 - the open player on the left of the screen 2 - a riskier through ball to the player at the top 3 - the open player next to him there are also other players that if he holds the ball can move to recieve a pass easily. and since there are 8 defenders in the area, a pass back to keep possession should be easily done (if FM could actually replicate something as simple as this)
  12. yeah, probably. though if he wasnt so quick i would suggest he was the next Jan Molby. he never ran anywhere, and would pass the ball around the entire pitch seemingly from the center spot with a no nonsense, no flair at all swagger lol is it only Delph because the others are tutoring already? i have heard kids react better if they are built up slowly tutor wise this year, so the best model pro isnt always the best first tutor. havent played enough this year to know for sure, but something else to consider maybe
  13. it definitely wouldnt go up enough naturally for me liking, and as it doesnt require much if any CA points is an ideal way to let him develop the rest of his game naturally i didnt mean to side track the thread, sorry @^Goose^. do you have a tutor in mind yet, or waiting to decide what position and role you want to give him first?
  14. not that i know of? never noticed it myself at least even if it does, i would still train it to improve quicker and more. i can tolerate a jump below 10, but anything else no. and natural fitness of 6 tells me a player isnt fit enough to call themselves an athlete!
  15. i would work on that natural fitness and strength before worrying too much about anything else, maybe as a bwm or something that could toughen him up? natural fitness is especially hard to develop imo, so that would be a permanent individual training schedule for his first season in my team other than that yeah, pretty well balanced to do what you want with him