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  1. i obviously agree mistakes or 'bugs' are annoying. but i like the game, so try to think of it as a bit of luck. after all, they dont seem very often in my game (had the keeper drop the ball behind him twice in about 20 seasons maybe). and they can go both ways. you can see it as the game not being able to do things like stop a ball dead in a puddle or have the ball stay in off the corner flag the more i know about different stats, the more frustrated i get about mistakes in the game. think a lot of people are the same. so i would probably avoid any 'official' posts like this
  2. you can always tell a @looping post no idea why it has you as the poster of it. does it make you feel used... no idea how that happened
  3. i might get the odd rest sign if there has been a world cup and the players havent had a long enough rest over the summer, but they are fine before the season starts. what is your training like that you need 2 players for every position? also, with every competition being played it is more about prioritising than anything else i think. do you really need a second first team for the league cup? if you are a big team in europe, your board probably dont care about it so play the fringe players and a few kids
  4. for me, his crossing. if he is a winger or inside forward, i want his crossing up. either that, or his stamina so at start of a season, i always do fitness for general training. so, would put him on stamina to try and shift as much focus as i can on his physical weakness. so 3 months fitness training and focus on stamina will hopefully see an improvement after 3 months, i will change general training off of fitness. so start of october, i will see how he has developed. if it has gone up, i will change him off to his next weakness, crossing. if he hasnt developed, i will leave him for another month and check again
  5. there are loads of different ideas on how to do individual training. depends on what type of player you want for instance, if a player has an obvious weakness you can tell him to work on improving it, so if a full back cant cross very well you can improve his crossing, or tell him not to cross when he plays and tailor him to his specific instructions if you like to play passing football, you can train a central defender to focus on passing or first touch, maybe technique. if you like your defenders just to defend, then a key attribute for the limited defender role like tackling or marking would be better have you got a specific player you are confused about what to do with as an example?
  6. i think the article about the hoyd is talking about his training rating, same s all the other coaches if that makes sense? then can consider tactical knowledge for setting individual players in the responsibilities i personally dont worry about the tactical knowledge, think the man management is more important of the 2. just a personal preference, not sure it is really right lol i only leave training to other staff on journey man saves where i dont expect to stay very long. my usual saves are 1 team for as long as i dont get bored, so control it all myself
  7. https://www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-staff-responsibilities-backroom-advices-explained/ just found my old saved page of this. got a pretty good list of key attributes for staff responsibilities. everything covered there
  8. tactical knowledge is only really important for your managers. nice to have on other staff, just coz it looks nice though general and individual, yeah
  9. for individual training, i focus on the working with youngsters and man management.
  10. depends what you want. if im not doing it myself i personally always leave it to the manager of that team to do general training. hes picking the team, so he decides what to train in match preperation and days off etc for individual training, i focus on the working with youngsters and man management. lots of things to consider though, who is available, what level you are at, your coaches style etc. you can always check once they do it and take control of any player you disagree about
  11. he was replying to premiership rules, where only the age counts agree it can be hard, but everyone knows what the have to abide by. if you think your squad is better managed like that, and you can control the locker room when players are left out, then great. if you prefer to keep it to the registration rules, cool. but you cant have both ya know? i like challenges like that personally. just started a new save hoping for a really tough brexit, and im not gona prepare before i find out which one it is. hoping i can get down to 4 or 5 english players in my team, then have to find another 12 lol
  12. i agree. teams like Leicester City need to stop going on these sorts of runs all the time what type of team are they? champions or relegation candidates? they just shouldnt be aloud to keep changing from one to the other every season, it just isnt realistic...
  13. if you leave them in the youths, they will probably not develope past a certain point. you need game time to improve, not just training. it is very hard to become a good player without playing in good leagues or competitions
  14. belgium is good for work permits typically, if the player doesnt have a work permit it isnt always worth buying them? unless they brake into the national team, you can spend 3-5 years loaning them out. if they are at a low enough club to be loaned to, they will progress at a lower rate because of the lower level of football. you have no control how they progress. if they progress too far, you cant change club very easily because they need that country with all that in mind, are you sure you want to loan out players for work permits? i have had success with one Columbian player getting a work permit before his loan got him one, but he was an amazing cd. already had premiership stats, just needed to wait for his international appearances to pass the marker. i have been playing this game forever, so 1 player in thousands of hours... also, add to that you will probably have a brexit soon. so whatever country he eventually gets a work permit for, by that time you will still have foreign player rules changing. usually this will include any eiropean country. have seen them range from 4 - 17 player limits. are they ever going to be a top european player? lots of risk, with no gaurantee of reward mate
  15. as far as i am aware, if you reject all suggestions, that is the end of the request. the bar is full (completed) because the board held up there end of the agreement. if you dont want those clubs, you have to wait to request new ones again in a new request. i am not sure what type of club you are waiting to get offered? generally speaking, the bigger clubs won't become feeder clubs.