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  1. cup games in extra time would allow this. if it was a league game, a VERY bad bug lol
  2. yes, im sure the tactic works fine. my point is, that it is heavily built to work on crosses. same as the whipped crosses, they are crosses designed to be put in the net. all great stuff, glad that building a tactic like that has worked for you. my point is, that it is built on crosses being the main ball in to the box, and being surprised that your stats are heavily cross based seems illogical to me end of the day, it is a game. they wont get the stats exactly right, but setting up to focus on crossing will put you higher to that scale. very few people design a tactic to be 'realistic' because they dont really want that. they want to win
  3. ignoring if your stats are high or low for crosses, 2 things 1 - look for overlap will intentionally look for your full backs, and choose this over more immediate attacking options. if you aren't looking to 'exploit' crossing, or as i prefer to think of it, tell your players to hold up the ball and wait for a full back to get forward and make a cross, don't select this.you also have a slower tempo, with narrower shorter passing encouraging this action. t leasst 4 team instructions thhat encourage your style of play and effect your findings 2 - whipped crossing. this in itself encourages crosses that are either shots or deflections for a corner. not seeing much heading, knock downs or hold ups? probably because you are telling your team to put in crosses that make these things pretty damned hard to do... now, im not defending the game in any way. this is the worst released fm game for at least 5 years in my opinion, and i will not be purchasing the game in advance EVER again. if a demo impresses me i will buy the full, sure. but the days of fm getting my money blindly are over. but if you have a problem with those number of goals, there are at lkeast 7 team instructions you can remove to make it more to your liking mate
  4. if it is stopping you playing the game, and you are lucky enough that it is your only issue, i would recommend using the editor to sort it out. why bother waiting for some one to fix something you can do yourself
  5. fines for bad performances in fm17 raised determination, work rate or both. not sure if it is same in fm18
  6. Stopping brexit

    does it allow you to change the type of brexit you get, or set ranges? i really enjoy the harder exits, after 3 years (2 this season i guess) the game is previously too easy. i would be surprised if that changes this year, so keeps it interesting for a while
  7. Transfer offer I can't win

    so he is going for better football. you need to offer a bucket or money or accept he wants a bigger challenge and champions league football if liverpool are bidding after you, it could just be that he becomes unsettled, or they dont wont him at a rival club etc. happens in real life too, once a player is known to be available other clubs pay closer attention and join in
  8. Transfer offer I can't win

    save the game, let him join liverpool and see what his contract is. this will give you a good idea if you are near the same, or if he is joining them for less money because of European football, reputation maybe, etc
  9. i tried, dont know if it worked. got critical errors for some files, no idea which ones
  10. yep, know this the issue is that a player has physically dissapeared from the set up, not that the tactic has or is different. one moment he was there, now he isn't. how can i set up a set piece without all the players?
  11. player came back after proceeding the game and going back to tactics. is this a known issue?
  12. dont know how to post saves. tried with different positions etc. dont get it
  13. attacking small chance to score loses a player from the set up?
  14. Release date? 10th or 11th

    steam will be showing you the right time i would imagine. time difference n all that