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  1. then dont buy it. wait for the demo and see if you like it. just dont complain when you dont get the discount lol
  2. depends what type of player you want, and how his style will play differently in your system of play. for any player that will always be on the wing, knock ball is fairly safe as most formations will allow that type of move. the more difficult decisions come with the all round players, that will play completely different styles in different set ups. then they will either hinder what you want, or keep a familiar style of play even in a completely different formation for the wingers shown, i would avoid knocks ball myself. they both have good enough dribbling and decisions. and at there age, you would probably find it being more of a hindrance in a few years time than a help i havent had time to read the other posts, sorry if it is already discussed, but one thing i noticed from the set up is you have 4 wide players, with work ball into box. this instruction decreases crossing, not something i would want in a team with 2 wingers with 20 crossing! maybe play a few games with that off, let them do there thing a bit before making any more of a drastic change
  3. what are you doing to try and stop it? i find a rest (trying gto avoid 90 minutes as bbm) before he goes away, or a day off training before he flies out or gets back helps of course, on a side note other players will tell you 85 is ok to play him. i dont like it myself, so usually rotate in this situation, but others will play him and say it is fine
  4. i just get so lonely pre-release. im obviously not alone
  5. not really. you are just showing a tactical simplicity due to the different standards of the teams in different countries Contte did change last season, from something more like a 4-1-4-1 to the 3-4-3 you mentioned. that being said, since winning the league he has lost 2 finals, hardly a dominant unbreakable system history is full of changes and revolutions in football. from the Scottish cheating and starting to pass the ball, to Italian teams ruining all the fun and using sweepers. sweeper keepers that excite, to midfielders that are too good to break a sweat and dictate play without leaving the center circle then you have the players that are almost god like... if you play a 3-4-3 against a player like Suarez for instance, you do not have enough men back before he even thinks about passing the ball. you give away a free kick 35 yards from goal, and a player like Le Tiss will score all day for fun. you HAVE to tell your defense to stay on there feet if you want to stop him, and even then hope for the best. how do you stop Ibrahim, do you just hope your team are up to it on the day? all these different types of player have to be treated differently, or they will beat you. EVERY team in England has a match winner you should try and adapt to
  6. that does not exist in a competitive league where every team has different strengths and styles. if you fail to adapt, that is when you drop points. no style or system is perfect for more than a season or 2 at most any more. you could make the argument, for instance, considering recent history of winners of the league being fired, that Chelsea could need a new manager before the end of the season if he fails to adapt to the differences of challenging for and defending the title
  7. its not inconsistency, it is different styles and variation. no one style always beats another, much like paper scissor rock i wouldnt say so. defense is a bit slow, not sure they have a natural winger that would break into every team? maybe 20 years ago, but not now. the money side of the game is changing things drastically, and as teams balance out with more cash from sky the players roles and instructions within the team become more important than the actual player maybe? time will tell i guess. the only player they have that would play in EVERY team in my opinion is the keeper and yes, something we agree on lol
  8. yeah, it definitely takes time. you see all these guys (i assume they are guys) complaining about how long it takes to play and figure things out in the full version of the game. im lucky, usually single, no kids. work shifts so plenty of time alone with my squad. if i cant take a full 24 hours game time before continuing the first day of a save, i feel like im not giving enough back to the club. and then your first game it can all change lol
  9. A cry for help

    @looping who do you support? i just brought Gerrard out of retirement, set his free kicks to 20 and long shots high. was fun, maybe do something similar? or make a team of giants, all 7 foot with 20 pace for a laugh? looks great, like they are playing against kids give yourself a sand pitch? loads of things to do just to enjoy playing for a couple of months before trying again next year
  10. where are you from? could it be better translated, or is an english description just not translatable? i think everything introduced at first requires some trial and error. it would be boring otherwise . some people do seem to adapt quicker than others, think peoples brains are just wired differently for different things
  11. generally speaking, the English leagues are a lot stronger than Italian and in some sense Spanish ones. the quality difference between a top and bottom team in those leagues is rediculous. there is a reason the tiki-taka is uneffective in this country. the tempo is too high for it to be effective consistently. managers need more flexibility to there systems. the defenses are better. there are more different styles of play to adapt to no one could call Liverpools style of play boring the last few years. it is non the less very quick, it has to be. they defend quickly, in groups, because when they dont they are punished. just look what happened with man city and barcelona last season. in reality, barcelona against teams as strong as themselves dont score for fun every game. and cant defend like they do against quality players every week
  12. you watch too much bad football by the sounds of it. come over to England, everything is done quicker! you might get the odd Wenger that tries something new, but generally WE WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED. you couldnt pay me to watch sideways football. i saw Milan play when Beckham was there. the hot dogs are better over there, but i fell asleep before half time no one scores without taking a risk. every shot is a chance to lose possession. very similar to my comment above, i will not pay to watch that kind of football. i expect to be entertained, not bored. if i wanted to watch 11 men jog around doing nothing and making odd little sprints ii would watch a test match
  13. A cry for help

    would be better if he sent you the save games to look at mate. without meaning to sound overly offensive, A LOT of of people have tried this to help him out. short of actually playing his games for him, looking at his matches so far has not helped
  14. it could actually be useful for a defender playing behind a winger to stay deeper. like @MrPompey says, he will still follow team instructions to an extent an attacking fullback that doesnt always wait til he is on the byline and the opposition has recovered before he crosses? i could work with that. one that knocks the ball passed his man and hits that quick cross, even better. just need to get him the right balance to do it
  15. A cry for help

    have you tried just being barcelona and using a downloaded tactic? maybe use the editor to make all your players 200 CA ? maybe playing a season or 2 where you really cant lose will help. i have no other suggestions other than cheating so you can see how near perfect players play. then maybe you will see the difference between player performances and tactical issues