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  1. i couldnt do much in the demo. wrong screen rev stuff the other problem with this argument is they keep saying that reported problems are 'being worked on'. there would be no reason to assume something as stupid as flashing lights wouldnt be turned off. it cant really be that hard, they just dont care
  2. it takes longer than 2 hours to try and read your players reports, (try to) set scouting, training schedules, set transfer status and squad roles, staff levels and possible improvements. probably a load more things before you even look at tactical options beyond a basic formation. hell, you could probably take an hour trying to edit the face and attributes before you started...
  3. i dont think they care if you like the look of the game. the whole UI shows shows that. the add boards are just a joke played on anyone that can put up with all the other rubbish long enough to actually start a match dont like your chances of a refund either. all you can do is not purchase any further games in the future. even then they still wont listen though
  4. Important Matches stat.

    it sometimes changes, sometimes doesnt. dont think anyone has ever figured out what definitely 'qualifies' as a big game as a stupid example, how many times are you top of a league and get asked about securing your safety by avoiding relegation? qualifying for europe and the pressures of the next game to ensure it first try, when you have a 20 point lead over 5th place? if you listen to the media, these big games are never really important. until these issues are sorted, it doesnt really need worrying about lol
  5. Club World Championship Bug

    i think the other teams play a couple of games before you enter? so it will show as starting pretty near the end (only last 2 games?) not sure why they cancelled your earlier games, but you definitely entered at the right time. just those games before you get there aren't important for you or the player records etc i think
  6. Broken Promises

    unfortunately, the second to bottom. just a simple 'if you want to stay sign a contract' would be ideal. it is like the player forgets every other conversation before hand. if a player refuses to sign and doesn't understand that leads to being sold, he should be sent to the medical department for head scans. has he recently suffered any concussions?
  7. Head of youth development question?

    because he either thinks you are short on strikers, or has a multiple striker preferred system of play? for me, the HOYD has to have an attacking based style of play, and a formation similar to mine. what formation are you playing compared to his preferred? if you only want one up front, but he gets in kids for a front 3, he will obviously be getting a few more players than you need i have never experienced a lack of players in any position for the kids by following this. not saying it doesnt happen of course
  8. but then you can just use a chief scout for that. without the other attributes effecting contract or buying, he has no specific use at all
  9. Managerial style

    you can max out most mental attributes if you make yourself a tactician based manager. you only really need to decide what 1 category you want to do in training, i usually max out attacking and tactical training. as the attacking is hardest to find usually for me
  10. what i dont understand is if they want to make the regens better physically than most current footballers, why the physical stats still improve at a much quicker rate for younger players? given how easily physical stats can dominate slower or weaker defenders, within 2 years there is not much point in keeping 75% of real players other than nostalgia. a balancing option would be to raise the physical attributes development range at least? i would much rather see regens capped to only have a certain amount of attributes over a certain limit, that could be determined by the clubs current facilities etc. then, when you get your kid in at 15 he will not be the fastest player in the world already for instance. you could decide whether to balance him out a bit or make him a specialist. the example of Bale is a good one, when he left Saints he was scrawny and needed a good 6 months in the gym bulking himself out.people just aren't built like him by accident the game currently seems to ask us to consider the youths are kids, and cannot be pushed as hard as the adult players,while contradicting itself by making them super humans that can run through walls before they are supposed to of even stopped growing. i don't buy into this 'working to tweak' argument, it has been in the game for far too long to believe anyone is actually working on it
  11. do you not think it is a bug, maybe give them your results in that forum too? surely if you can get a guy in for a couple of hundred or a world class guy for 25k a week there is supposed to be a difference?
  12. Search "Hard Brexit Save"

    just sounds like a good reason to invest in the kids! i like different scenarios like that, but i think id prefer to keep a couple. being a liverpool fan i would hate to decide between 2 of our front 3
  13. Search "Hard Brexit Save"

    never had either of those scenarios. not sure how you can say an Englishman would need a work permit in England, that would just be rediculous having a no foreign player policy would save a lot of cash on scouting
  14. Absolutely ridiculous "promise"

    some times if you suck up to them a bit they cool down quicker. if you can get in a player he suggests that should cancel any of it out depends how hard you want to try, i just give up usually and get rid of the guy as soon as i can. sucks but is just easier than trying to manage poorly scripted interactions
  15. Player Promises

    completely agree. irl if you assign a fk taker, it is with the assumption that it is for DIRECT FK positions only. can you imagine a Ronaldo wanting to be on the half way line and kicking off when he is told to go forward? or a left backing crying that he isnt taking every kick on the right?