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  1. vodu my team is man city: Reina Zabaleta Pepe K. Toure Bale Modric Kompany Y.Toure Van Persie Aguero Tevez 19 games, 17 wins, 2 loss is good? any changes? thx
  2. Knap, you used tactics is the last season with the Spurs? __________________________________2__TEAMp94f68a20 p97f90a17 _Tottenham_ Sep 2024_.tac - 0.00MB
  3. Mr Hough when you can make available tactic to download?
  4. Mr.Hough, I found this tactic and would like you to give your assessment, thanks. Link: http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/3418064/file.html
  5. I refer to the attributes of tactics wingers for AML and AMR, as in the 1 page you place the necessary attributes for each position, but do not have these two that I quoted the above
  6. Mr Hough, with the launch of the tactic with tips, we need to know the attributes needed for the tips in the case AML and AMR, awaiting the answer. thanks
  7. hello my friend back. We miss the tactics I find you on msn please return hugs
  8. After another great season with Internaziole there are results using the v4. Classification:
  9. yes, I Love FC and Drogba, Adriano, Trezeguet, Benzema ST
  10. Results using the v4 and a defensive tactic that I created based on v4, second season. Classification:
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