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  1. when you get a job offer and delay it till the end of the season it should be delayed according to when your league finishes for example i was real madrid and top of the table and had a couple of games till i won the league but i had delayed a job offer from liverpool. when the english season was over i was moved over as liverpool manager and didnt get to win the league with real madrid. secondly i play alot of my games in the spanish league and want to see some presidential elections, with the different candidates promising to apoint person X as manager(could be human or AI) and signing X, Y, Z players etc
  2. 1. add more than one favourite club 2. presidential elections in spanish league 3. international managers being able to vote for world player of the year 4. improve regens, there are too many coming into the game with incredible stats even when they have not fully developed 5. set a transfer date i.e man utd agreed deal for fabio and rafael to join in 2009. at the moment u can only leave it till the end of the season 6. english teams are currently over-rated in europe
  3. sorry if any of these ideas have already been posted. my first post so pretty long. me personally i like to manage is different countries like spain and italy, and in real football in those countries the president of the club has a big say in who the club buys. In the game i'm not sayin the chairman/president buys the players but should have an influence, which can change over a period oy years if you've been successful and the interference becomes less. Also in spain there are presidential elections every few years. I think this would be a good feature as there should be various candidates promising to sign various players or managers. If a human manager has done well they can be approached by one of the candidates to sign for the club if he wins the election. Other improvements i think shud b made are to the database. I've looked at the original database and there are definitely some mistakes i feel. For example some English players are over-rated as are most English clubs especially Newcastle. Titus bramble and steven taylor are not that good. Del piero is given a potential ability of 170. At his best Del Piero is at least 185, i'm not sayin that is what his current ability is but when he was at his best. Some of the Italian players are also over-rated Pazzini, Pinzi, Palombo, Esposito are given potential ability of 180. I'm sure most of these will be rectified anyway, but someone under-rated is Gerrard whose given 188 but Lampard is 190. Ibrahimovic's stats are too good. He has 19 for finishing, 17 crossing, 20 dribbling, nearly all his stats are over 15 yet only scored about a dozen goals in reality last season. I like the idea of feeder clubs but I think there should also be favoured clubs or agreements. Man Utd have good relationship with Sporting, Charlton just agreed deal with Valencia. Academies for big clubs are world-wide e.g. Real Madrid have academies in Africa, China and Mexico. At the moment the game is too easy i think, I took charge of Inter and won the treble in my first season and it didn't finish there. I won the treble for the next two seasons and didn't lose a game, drew only about 15. I had too much money and the game just became easier. the human manager stats change ridicously. My media handling rating went down to one. If no media question don't come up why does the rating change. Even if i made comments on players and other managers it still didn't change. Under favourite personnel it always says none. Assistant Mangers should be better. Every time i ask him for team report at beginning of season he says the team needs strenthning, but I have worlds best players and win everthing. The process of buying players is too simple. In real football some transfers go on for weeks and theres disputes between clubs, players want to own 100% of their image rights. Clubs negotiate over how the payment is made and sometimes players go AWOL if their current club won't sell. Just look at Ashley Cole saga. I would like the option of agreeing to take a player in a few seasons i.e. make a bid in 2006 but take the player in 2009, at the moment the only option is end of season. There should generally be more problems with transfes at times but also some quick transfers. I also think that should be able to ask older players to become coaches/scouts/assitant like in previous games. Media improvements is probably hardest for the creators because until you get a level of daily media involvement it won't be realistic. Before a game their is media questioning, sometimes about specific players, tactics and sometimes players linked with club even though the game may be next day. Theres media involvement after the game. when a player is transfered or managers resigns/changes team there is a lot of media involvement. When i manage a team i.e. england i try to buy the best English players and try to have a squad of english players. The media should praise/criticise managers if they have few or too many foreigners. Also if i become England national manager and i have the best 10-15 of the best english players i should be able to pick them in the national team without being criticised. Also in national teams the media should ask why you pick a certain player if he's not playing well or not playing many games. At the moment nothing happens, i could pick a squad of players totally out of form and have no questions asked, should also apply at club level.
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