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  1. When you have a high scoring offensive defenceman he is referred to as an offensive forward in the 2nd part of the text string describing him in the pre-draft analysis. On another note, why when you have multiple 1st round picks does it show your last one in the "recent top draft picks" section? Why not all of them, or at least the first one? Here's the error in question:
  2. So I drafted this Finnish kid Tatu Väyrynen in the 1st round, our 4th line was really struggling when he was playing his first year in the AHL for us, so I brought him up to make it slightly less abysmal. As a result his stats for his first season were awful. He ended it on a 6.15 AvR, which was the best on that line by a landslide. This caused the "It's also considered that Tatu Väyrynen shouldn't be a member of our team." message to start being added to all board message. 6 seasons later he's one of the most prolific two-way players in the league, having won two Selkes among other things. But there seems to be no event for the board to ever drop their beef with him. It's still considered that he shouldn't be a member of our team. This image pretty much sums up his career:
  3. This is a new and exciting gamebreaking bug I accidentally found by making it so I cannot use 5/6 of the Coyotes best prospects ever (presumably). In season 1 I forgot that Dvorak, Perlini, Merkley, MacInnis and Fischer are all loaned to their respective CHL teams. 2 days before Training camp I noticed and recalled them from their loans, this usually only takes 1-2 days so they should be back just in time for camp. At least that was the plan, as it turns out it took them an extra day to get back, causing them to recall from their loans to my main team roster AFTER the training camp started. At first I thought they hadn't been recalled at all, because they weren't in the roster or practice screen. But the Report screen said they were in fact all called up and in the main team roster. I chalked this down to being a weird, but ultimately just annoying bug that probably would take care of itself after i used the report screen to send them back to juniors. Imagine my surprise when they returned from their loans in the off-season and they still weren't present in the roster or practice screen. This is obviously a massive issue since it means there is no way for me to set their practice schedules or even dress them for games. I see no other option for me than to trade away 5/6 of my "top" prospects for picks. Some screenshots for clarification: Here is the report screen with all the affected players in blue, letting us know they are in fact in our main roster. and the Roster screen, notice the distinct lack of all the aformentioned player. and finally the Practice Screen. I uploaded the save to the ftp with the name "Shindigs Missing Prospects.sav" Edit: Just a little update, since Fischer is eligible to be sent to the AHL now I tried doing that and recalling him from there, in the hope that maybe that would at least make him show up in the roster/practice screen. It turns out that not only did that work, it also made all the other missing players appear. Edit2: It turns out that when I sent down Fischer and "fixed" the issue on my end, it actually just moved the issue CHL side, because now any prospect that's been to my training camp is missing from their respective CHL team rosters, meaning I have 2 drafts worth of CHL players being "benched" until they hit 20...just great. Edit3: And using the Editor to "loan" one of said CHL players to back to my team suddenly made all my CHL players appear on their respective rosters again. I'm assuming there is some sort of caching issue here, since forcing roster updates "fixes" the issue, at least momentarily. Remains to be seen if next time I have a training camp players start dissapearing on either end again.
  4. When you play in Swe-2 a certain problem shows up every single season (but is by far the worst in season 1). Since AI teams have infinite money and do not need to worry about bankruptcy at all, they will take any loaned out player offered to them, without taking salary into account. The most egregious case I've ever seen was when Vita Hästen (Swe-2) which have a salary budget of 3.5MKr in my version of the db, accepted so many loans their total wage budgets for that season was at 9.9MKr. That's right almost 200% over budget, did this prompt any GM being fired, or those news items about being in economical shambles? Nope, they just used the players they never ever could afford to win the league. This keeps happening in later seasons, but not as much, as by then another issue (NHL players being willing to play in the SHL during their peaks) causes the SHL teams to spend all the money on huge stars rather than infinite depth players. So there aren't as many loaned out players to deal with. I've tried lowering the SHL teams budgets to more reasonable levels to minimize how many pointless depth players they can get. But it just doesn't seem to help. Whatever I do db side, the AI just keeps sending players on loans that aren't economically possible. To be fair if an SHL team loaned a player down IRL I'm fairly certain they would cover most/all the player's salary. Which would fix this issue (in a way) since as a player you can't just loan to your heart's content without getting in trouble (but the AI can). Not to mention if you try and ask for a loan, your board will give you such a tiny loan budget it's near impossible to get loans yourself, you have to just wait and hope to be offered them. And since this happens so late you'd already have used all your budget building your team at that point. As a result you shouldn't take loans offered to you 9/10 times. This essentially makes the entire loaning mechanic only really work as a crutch for the AI, which to be fair the AI needs, but it's still really annoying to see this stuff happen over and over, and it adds a lot of artificial difficulty to the first season of any 2nd tier league for no good reason. Then to add insult to injury, during the early summer when your team has no money and no wage budget available, since you get the TV-money and budget update June 30th, and the season ticket income between July 15th and September 15th or so. They go out and use their money (which due to being massively over budget they should not have) to buy up a bunch of the prospects on my shortlist. Hence my comment about the AI having infinite money from before, it's the only reason they would be able to pull off those purchases.
  5. Just to necro my own thread. Even when this bug of the salary reverting back and getting stuck doesn't happen. Salary budgets in Sweden are completely messed up. One of my favourite youth development saves is starting with my home town team that I put into the lowest playable swedish league (Swe-2) and give them the same money/rep as the lowest team. Then I build a full team of junior players and rocket to the SHL in 2-4 seasons. The issue is that the game can't handle progression that fast at all. By the time I hit the SHL I still have a 3MKr salary budget (tied lowest for Swe-2) while being promoted to Swe-1. The issue comes in due to the salary budget calculation seemingly not figuring in the TV-rights money. In Swe-2 you have 500k a year in TV-rights payout. In the SHL (Swe-1) you have 30Mkr TV-rights payout. And you do get it the first year. However your board will not consider this money when setting your salary budget. So in the save I just did, the following thing happened: I get promoted to the SHL, my budget goes up from 3Mkr to 3.18MKr, which is ridiculous. I will be getting 30MKr a year just for playing in the league, having barely 1/10th of that as my salary budget makes no sense what-so-ever. This update obviously happens on June 30th, as does me getting the TV right money, but it seems like you get the TV-rights money just after you get the new salary budget which would be a possible reason for you not getting the correct budget (but it isn't,same thing happens in the 2nd season). The following day on July 1st you actually see the shiny new 30MKr cash injection, as well as the board letting me know they expect us to struggle to stay up this season. On July 2nd the board then backtracks and LOWERS my Salary budget down to 2.75Mkr, while we have 37Mkr in the bank. It's at that point I just stop playing almost all my saves, because it is so unfathomably stupid that I just can't bring myself to play through it. But on the rare occasion I actually continue, you'd expect the board to up the salary budget by A LOT the next season, since you'll have in the region of 42MKr in the bank by the time they look over the budget (June 30th). But no, they generally either don't up your salary budget at all. Or best case scenario up it by another 200-500k. I obviously don't know what is happening behind the scenes there. But it seems like you put in an upper % based cap on how much the salary budget can go up, to stop weird budget changes (or something). But the actual effect is making it so that if you "overperform" and get a low budget team into a high budget league you end up in a situation where your players' wage demands skyrocket, but your salary budget can't skyrocket. Which completely ruins you long-term. You can still compete with a 3Mkr budget in the SHL, despite all other teams having at least a 30Mkr budget due to how abysmal the AI is at building teams. But the fact that you get 30MKr a year, and can only use a 10th of that for your salary budget is just so stupid I can't suspend my disbelief. This has happened in every single iteration of this save that I've done (I'm on the 7th one atm) as well as happening every time I've gotten normal Swe-2 teams up. So it's not team specific or save specific. It's just how the game works (or doesn't, in this case). And it really needs to be fixed to make leagues that you can be promoted from functional in the long-term. Cause I'd rather not spend the ~130 or so seasons it would take to catch up to the 2nd lowest wage budget*, assuming the 200k increase is linear, which it probably isn't. But regardless. Under normal cirumstances a team would use maybe 1/2 the TV money for wage budget year one, due to the high risk of being demoted again. By year 2 they will be near 30MKr budget and 3rd season onwards it's 30MKr+ and never looking back. Meanwhile in EHM you'd need to spend anywhere between a few decades and more than a century to hit the point that you should hit after 2-3 seasons. And I sincerely hope that is not the intended behaviour. *In a real gameplay scenario I would obviously never catch them, since their wage budgets would also be increasing every year, and by more than mine, due to them having a higher "base salary" to gain a % of as an increase. My longest save so far is 20 seasons long, and I gained wage budget every single season (which obviously isn't a sustainable economical model, but it's a hockey game so I don't necessarily expect it to be) which means that it should be impossible to ever catch up without using the editor to give yourself a more realistic budget. And I loathe needing to use something I consider cheating (editing a save using the editor) to make the game actually function as you'd expect.
  6. This happens a lot, normally it's not a problem. But I've actually gotten beaten out of the playoffs because of it. It's got nothing to do with letting in 7 goals. It just happens ever so often. At most I've had it happen like 3 times in less than 10 games. In the case where I went out the playoffs we were tied with 2 minutes left. The coach put in my 2nd goalie, he got 2 shots at him, let 1 in, and then we lost. So fair. I used to screenshot it and save it every time it happend. But it happens so often I just gave up on that little pet project.
  7. I've been playing a save as Mora in Swe-2, I was promoted to Swe-1 and as expected my salary budget was increased, but only by about 3 million from 15MKr to 18MKr. Since you don't get the updated budget until the 30th of June* and continuing all the way to there had made it fairly late I decided to save and call it a night. When I loaded up the save the next day my Salary budget was down to 15M again. Which sucked since I had planned my roster around having an extra 3 million, but whatever. I'll get a huge salary budget increase next year since TV Rights in Swe-2 are 500k, in Swe-1 they are 30M. But imagine my surprise when, despite making it to the Semi-finals in the first year of the league and having over 40Mkr in the bank, my board didn't increase my budget at all. It was still stuck at the 15Mkr it had reverted back down to when I loaded up the save. Since the lowest team I can see on the "Higest Team Wage Bill"-tab is in the region of 33Mkr this is really holding me back. Not to mention it's clearly unintended behaviour. Ill upload the save to the FTP named "Shindigs_MORA". *The fact that you don't get your next season budget as soon as the previous season ends (like in FM) is awful when you play in Europe, the Trade window opens on May 1st. This is when you NEED to be able to sign players as a European side (at the very latest that is, ideally you want to get all important trades agreed upon in April and have them go through on the 1st of May). But you don't get the budget until the 30th of June. By then any free agent you wanted, or prospect you wanted to buy, will be gone. It forces you into either sacking half your team in the window between the Trade window opening and your season ending to free up budget and then end up with X million budget that you don't have anything to spend it on once the 30th rolls around since you already built your team. Or alternatively use nothing but North American Free agents since a fair few of them will still be available at that late time.
  8. Not sure if it's 1.2 or 1.2.1 specific since the save started in 1.2 but I noticed this after 1.2.1 hit. In my Oilers save Nail Yakupov was refusing to grow no matter which of my schedules I put him on, so I decided to test another previously untested one on him. To my surprise the game suddenly showed him as having gained (green color) +1 in about half his attributes a mere week later. Imagine my surprise when I recorded his attribute at the end of the summer in my external spreadsheet and saw that he had actually lost 1 attribute and gained none. I still kept him on the schedule in the hopes that it was just too low workload for him in the summer. 4 months later he had dropped even more attributes but the attribute tab in practice still showed half his attributes as green and none as red. Uploading the save to the FTP as "Shindigs_YAKUPOV". P.S. while on the subject of the attribute screen, could a button to "reset" it please be added. It's quite useful for the first few months of a save to get up to date info on how your schedules are working, but beyond that it's literally useless since all it tells you is that at some point x months/years ago the player gained rating in that attribute. That isn't useful information in any way, shape or form. If it could be reset to show the current attributes as the "gray" and any future changes as green and red it would actually be really useful throughout a save.
  9. Alright, good to know. It just seemed weird that a team in the same league can be an affiliate at all (not allowed in football at least) and that a team in the same league would count as the upper affiliate is weirder still. When I was manager of the Oilers and tried to send a player down to the Admirals it kept giving me the warning that it wasn't possible due to their roster being full in the summer (no roster rules active). But once I added a GM to them and released some players they could be sent down. The interesting thing there is that the Admirals start the game with something like 22-23 players on roster, if you recall one of those (contracted to the Oilers) and try and send him back down, you simply can't. But if it's a DB issue I guess I'll take it up with Nino instead.
  10. The even funnier version of this bug is the one where you play as Allen Americans who have an affiliate team in the ECHL with them (why this is allowed by the league is beyond me). The affiliate team would send me Mike Wall over and over, at first it was merely annoying. Later I realized that they would send him back during "continues" and since I was playing with my coach doing all lineups and roster selection, and him having pretty low judging player ability he would routinely play him over my real goalies. Which was not only causing a lot of losses, but also meant that my roster went up to 21 players, which is not allowed in the ECHL. Causing the game to drop my "worst" defenseman to free agency during "continues" without any input from me. As a player you get the warning message stopping you from assigning players to an affiliate with a full roster (even when in the off-season when no such rules are currently in place, making roster management a treat). Sadly the AI does not get this and can just happily ruin your lineup during continues all it wants. It pretty much means you cannot plays as Allen in the ECHL, which is kind of sad. Actually managed to find that old save game again, so going to upload it. Not the exact same issue as the one in this thread, but related enough that making it's own thread feels like overkill. File name is "AFFILIATE TROLLING". To replicate the issue all you have to do is re-assign Wall to Idaho, then hit space. He will be re-assigned during the continue before the game, get selected by the coach, get dressed by the coach so he can't be dropped from the roster automatically (due to being selected as one of the goalies) then the "worst" D-man on the roster, Syvret, will be removed from the roster and be dropped to free agency. No news item will warn you of this happening either, so if you are spamming space you might not notice for a while.
  11. When you try and assign scouts to a certain team it tends to crash the game. So far I've tried to scout the Condors in AHL 10 times in 3 saves, every single time it instantly crashes the game. Also tried scouting Peoria in SPHL in another save. Same thing happened again. Crashing straight out. Will upload the most recent save in which it happened aptly named "TEAM SCOUTING BUG", 3 active GMs in it. Have tried scouting them both with their own scout and with one of the Oilers' scouts. Same result. At least now that I know about it I don't have to lose 2 hours worth of day 1 setup time like the first time it happened:/
  12. At the title says, just saw a curious thing with Stjernen in the Norwegian league, they signed two players in the off-season after having just been demoted from Nor-1 to Nor-2. In their new contracts they apparently put in the "demotion clause", but when the season ticked over to the new season at june 30th both players were instantly released after the news item about being allowed to leave due to the team being demoted. Except the team was already demoted before they signed their contracts. In fact the only reason one of them had to sign said contract was due to being released when they were actually demoted (~late March). So clearly the event for being demoted goes off twice for any demoted team, and I highly doubt that is intended.
  13. Just as a final note, I did check the salaries of 4 players in vastly different wage ranges to see how it looked. The exchange rate from the original "launch" value in SEK to the USD value was a bit all over the place with a standard deviation of 0.22. The ratio of "launch" SEK to "toggled" SEK was less spread but still a standard deviation of 0.04. The exchange rate of USD to "toggled" SEK was all within the range you'd expect, with a standard deviation of 0.004, probably due to rounding. The 7.2 factor just happened to be what it was for that salary between "lauch" SEK and USD for that specific salary, in this test it ranged between 7.222222 and 6.666667 so that factor was just a fluke (and the only one i happened to remember since I lost the original spreadsheet). Presumably all salary values from the database are put in as dollars since the game is very NHL centric, for whatever reason when you launch the game with certain other currencies it will get a different value entirely, that doesn't fit with real life exchange rates (but is always the same value, so whatever is going awry is consistent). But as soon as you turn one of the problem currencies back on after having toggled to any other currency, even another "broken" currency, it will recalculate the salaries and all other monetary values to their correct values based on an exchange rate that at least for USD to SEK is correct. Why the game doesn't use this same calculation on startup I do not know. If you restart the game using the "Restart game button" as previously mentioned the game will still maintain the correct recalculated values. But quitting to desktop and relaunching will give the incorrect "launch" values again. Some examples in case I'm being unclear: Launching the game with Swiss Franc will return a false value for all monetary values, they will be too high. As soon as you go into preferences and pick any other currency, which one does not matter at all. hit ok. then open preferences and choose Swiss Franc (or any of the other previously listed problem currencies) it will now show a correct value that matches up with exchange rates (more or less). Launching the game with Yen selected (not one of the problem currencies) will show the correct values right off the bat, and if you select any other currency it too will be correct since this forces the game to recalculate the numbers (presumably). So if you always play with USD as the currency this problem will never affect you at all. It simply can't. It will however affect essentially all players (except slovaks) using european currencies for one reason or another, as well as canadians who favor using their own currency. But as previously mentioned it doesn't give any benefit/loss since all things get changed an equal amount. If you never bothered doing this test you probably wouldn't even notice it's there. I made it 650 hours before noticing, and only due to testing if there was a way to exploit rounding when signing new contract deals (which I still haven't actually tested since this derailed it) so this is probably about as far down the list as something can get for priority when it comes to bug fixing. Because it's essentially a cosmetic bug that can be "fixed" player side in about 5 seconds at each game start. But it is there, so I should report it.
  14. Guess my last post is still being moderated, so can't edit it. But I just remembered. The same change happens no matter which currency you change back and forth between. So unless the exact same rounding as you describe happens between all combinations of currencies (all I tested at least, which is 13 different combinations) then that shouldn't be what is happening. It's very unlikely at least. But I'll leave it up to someone who actually has access to the code and can see what's up to figure out which one it is.
  15. The difference for rubles is 127%. As in the value after toggling back and forth is 2.27x as big as when you launch the game with rubles. That is pretty much outside the range of rounding errors. Also if it was a rounding error you'd see the biggest outliers in the currencies with very small exchange rates (rubles and yen) but yen is completely correct and rubles is the one that is the most incorrect, so it just doesn't fit with rounding errors. At least not from what I've seen. But since I misplaced the spreadsheet where I put all of this I can't really revisit the numbers. But since it's super easy to replicate due to happening at every single game start up, feel free to test it yourself. It just takes a while to do for all currencies. I might have been unclear in the first post, I checked: Salary of the highest earner, Current amount of team money, Salary budget, Wage demand/allowed wage/wage per year of one ass. coach (same every time). Essentially every single monetary value I could think to check increased/decreased by the same amount. So it has no impact on gameplay/balance. It's merely a visual bug, incorrect salaries are shown. But since everything is equally incorrect (+/- ~2%) it won't actually change how the game runs. It's just a bit annoying to have to go into preferences and toggle the currency every time you start the game to be shown the assumed "correct" values when using one of the affected currencies, which I am. Also when you toggle to USD the game does show the salary as 25k $, when you then toggle back to SEK it shows 215.000, when you toggle back to USD again it shows 25k $ still, which is roughly ~8.6 exchange rate, which is ballpark what it should be. 7.2 SEK/$ hasn't been correct since about april 2011. So if the case you bring up is in fact correct, then the exchange rates are incorrect, which should be fixed if that is the actual issue at hand. I'm just bringing up that something isn't working as it should. I don't claim to have perfect knowledge of which part it is. But something isn't right. The original reason I tested this was because I assumed the kind of rounding errors you mention would be a thing. And I intended to see if it could be used to be able to offer slightly higher salaries to players who are demanding just a tiny tiny bit more money than your board will allow you to pay. But instead I found this, and got too derailed to check for that.