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  1. Has anyone seen an overhead kick in fm? i witnessed my first ever overhead kick in FM15 scored by Lewis McCloud and it was a corker. I uploaded it to Youtube for you guys to watch. Hope this is allowed
  2. Says the person with Blackpoolfc as part of his name rotfl
  3. yeah that is exactly what i mean, just no fans when playing as the away team in the final.
  4. checked all tiers of the stadium and they where all hibs fans :-(
  5. Nope i check all sides of the stadium, all Hibs fans, they even had their flags up all around the stadium.
  6. WOW great reply!!!! You reckon that's true?? i think not. So back to the question, where are my fans for the final??
  7. So its the Scottish Challenge Cup Final Hibs V Rangers i start the game and notice there are no Rangers fans present? I even zoom the cam out to see if they are in the top tiers but nope, not one Rangers fan there???? andybody else seen this? potential bug?
  8. I also find that the match engine stutters for me, more so when corners are being taken. Its seem fine all apart from when the players are near the corners of the pitch??. I have all the latest drivers installed also.
  9. This is the only skin i ever use!!! Steklo skin is by far the best skin out there.....there is NO rival to this :-)
  10. Yeah i also have this problem too, lets hope they can sort this!!
  11. I have done this but the stadium pics are not showing up for me? any help guys
  12. Awesome!! cant wait to get these installed, thanks for your hard work
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